Monday, 11 February 2013


A day before their farewell, Sixty six STD X students of Our Lady of Dolours - marine Lines, chose to spend some time away from their books and to focus on some life defining moments through a Value Orientation program that was conducted by AVEC. Fr. Glenford Lowe was warmly welcomed by Sr. Marina, Principal of the school.
 The session began with a Prayer song followed by a moment of reflection that enables\d to students to quickly review their school days and to connect with all the Values that will now stand them in good stead after their exams. Fr. Lowe focused on TWELVE important Diamond values that would enable them to start off in the right direction. "Life is more than just a daily survival. Living a Value based life takes you higher and farther too", he said. Through the use of a number of video clips, relevant quotes and powerful life testimonies, Fr. Lowe challenged the students to start getting MAD (Make A Difference).
 All through the session, the students were very attentive and participated with great enthusiasm. They were ready to take an honest look at their life and had the courage to 'resent the broken Value Compass' of their lives. Four hours simply flew by. "Today was the best gift I received as I prepare to leave school", said an over enthusiastic student.One could see a deep sense of gratitude to the school management, the teachers and their fellow companions who made their life in school a happy educative journey.
 Many students came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
Given below are a few of their comments:
"The presentation and the thoughts were really awesome" - Murtaza Khilawala X
""I really acknowledge the many things I learnt today on how to handle life and to go through the daily problems" -  Ashraf Qureshi X
 "Thanks to Father Glenn for coming to our school and giving us the inspiration on how to live life and how to go through it" -  Ashish Baraiya X
"It was a great honour to be with you and to learn such beautiful values for our life and world. You taught us the importance of our life given by God. I realized how important my life was, after your session. So, I just wanna thank you once again for organizing this special session for us. Thank you" - Prachi Mayekar X
 "It was really a good time spent with you. We realised that life is a gift given by God and we should not waste it on doing bad things but on good things. I really loved it. The presentations, the songs and the video clips were really challenging. I hope to really change my life after this session, thank you" - Varsha Pardeshi X
"I just want to express my views too. i am very thankful that I got such a special opportunity to be connected with you. I liked the importance of my life and watching the various presentations and the songs were really attractive  Thank you very much and hope to meet you soon again" - Ankita Dalui X
 "The session was awesome to know more about life" - Praneet Naik X
"It was a very inspirational lecture. It taught us many things. It taught us to 'accept the things you cannot change' and to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference" - Shraddha Gore X
 "Your presentation was nice. We are going to be MAD" - Sachin Pandey X
"Thank you father for coming to our school and giving us some Valuable knowledge for our life" - Giyassuddin Chaidhary X
"Thanks for helping me to be a success in my life" - Kunal Toraskar X
 "Thank you father Glenn for such a great message about life. After this session, I am gonna be MAD = Make A Difference for the world. Thank you" - Satish Varma X

 "Thank you for giving us some knowledge about Values for life and we are very happy and grateful for this presentation" Rakesh Raut X
 "Thank you for coming to our school and we are really happy for giving us knowledge about important Values for our life. My stress is gone when Father came here. Thanks Fr. Glenford" - Mohammed Anas X

Congratulations to all the students and we at AVEC wish you all the best in your examinations and every success in the future ahead of you. live the Twelve Diamond Values and you will reach high.
Have to courage to constantly reset your Value compass when it is broken because of your poor choices in life.

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