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June 24-25, 2013: At the early invitation of Sr. Jyotsna, FSMA, Principal of St. Mary's Convent Secondary High School - Ajmeer, the AVEC team were able to travel all the way to Ajmeer, for the first time outside the Archdioceses of mumbai, to animate Ninety Eight Teachers of the school for a period of two days, June 24-25, 2013. The theme for the Two days was: 'Alignment with Commitment' and "Management By Values" (MBV). Sr. Jyotsna, Principal, welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to the school and wished the teachers the best as they prepared themselves for the new scholastic year.
 The start of each day's session began with a Prayer Song: 'Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu' and 'Dil Ke Mandir Mei'. Both the songs set the spiritual tone to the day's proceedings. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, Program Coordinator of AVEC, began the session with a fantasy meditation that coupled breathing with connecting to everyday life. These moments for deep silence and rhythmic breathing added a sense of calm and relaxation too. He then introduced Fr. Glenn to the participants.
The whole two days focused on a number of relevant topics and with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, and everyday life situations, Fr. Lowe was able to hold the audience spell bound all through. Deep insights and humour blended well. The topics touched upon were: The Perspective Changes needed to Act Differently, the Psychological Climate necessary for Commitment and Alignment to: one's institution; one's profession; students' development and Team Work. He enabled the teachers to clarify certain presumptions and remove some mindsets  that were 'routine-bound' rather than 'Rhythm led'.
The teachers were also invited to enter the 'World of the Youth' today and to understand the values that either guide them or distract them. Focusing on six major pain points of the young today, the teachers were able to connect and understand their role as 'significant value gurus' in the lives of the young to lead the away for the 'darkness' into the 'light of living a Value based life'. He then invited the teachers to look at their own lifestyle and to evaluate the words they speak. Words are expressions of the lifestyle we live and values are the underlying force that trigger our perception of life and the world around us.
With the help of the 'Brian Hall - Benjamin Tonna Value Map, the teachers were able to gauge themselves and to understand their call to be more significant by making a Value Shift in their lives. The exercise was really helpful and one could see the sense of attention and eagerness to know more and more so, to put it into practice. Many of the teachers too came forward to share their personal concerns and need for greater commitment in the educative journey of the young. On behalf of the Management and teachers, Mrs. Denis Mendonza proposed the vote of thanks. Gifts of appreciation were also presented to the speakers.
 The following words of appreciation were recorded in the AVEC log book:
“It was a great pleasure having you Fr. Glenn and making us realize how important our ‘word’ is for the students. Thank you very much”- Mr. Anthony Coelho (behalf of gent staff)

“The session was highly challenging and creatively innovative with a new approach and outlook. I feel greatly privileged to have been a part of it” – Jasjeet K. Vilkhu
 “Thank you for helping me to know and understand myself a little better. I’m sure, because of this session, I’ll be able to make my students’ life more worthwhile. Good luck and God’s blessings for enriching thousands of more lives” – Sharon Everett
“The entire session was very informative. Beautiful example helped in understanding the topic well. Through your session I came to know about the ‘world of the young’ – it will definitely help me to understand this better” – Kavita Mathew
 “Thanks a lot for helping us think in a different way which is more wide and beneficial for our students as well as our own self. Definitely your wonderful contribution to the society will make the world a better place of high values”- Swati Banerju
“I am thankful to God that I got to hear you and know things which were alien to us. Before hearing you I thought I was a person of great imagination but soon I realized that my world was actually very small. But as you said there is always hope and scope, so I promise, I’ll widen my vision and see the world and my own family and will contribute to it as much as possible. I thank you once again” – Snigdha Yoby
 “The experience has been an enlightening one. Thank you so.. so… much for bringing to the fore the many thoughts that had existed but… in the subconscious mind. Thank you for lightening up the path into the World ‘Heart’ of the young. I’m sure it will help me to understand them better and help them” – Elvira Fernandez
“Thank you very much for making our days significant. These two days were very very useful for us. We learnt a lot from you. You made us to look at things in a different way. Your wisdom will surely benefit us. Hope I would be able to contribute positively and effectively to my people and the institution. Thank you once again” – Ketaki S

Thanks to the management and the Teaching staff for your constant attentiveness and participation in the two day Value Orientation program.
God bless you all as you accompany the young minds towards fullness of life.

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