Monday, 17 June 2013


June 17, 2013: A very warm welcome was accorded to Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, by the management of Holy Cross High School, Lower Parel.  The Principal, Sr. Lali Sebastian welcomed the guest speakers at the start of this scholastic year, 2013-14 and invited Fr. Consancio Nazareth, Manager of the School to present floral bouquets to the AVEC team. Fifty four teachers took part in the one day Teachers' Value Orientation Program. 
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes introduced the topic of the day, "Management By Values" (MBV) and then took the teachers through a short but very fruitful fantasy meditation that enabled the participants to relax, while concentrating on their rhythmic breathing. The fresh breeze and the falling rains added to the experience. He then presented the AVEC report for the scholastic year 2012-13. The prayer Son was presented after the break due to a slight technical problem with the audio. 
Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director AVEC then started the session on 'Management By Values'. The whole session involved looking into the world of the young, listening to one's words and world view of reality and trying to align with the values of the institution. Fr. Glenn helped the teachers to connect with their own children at home and to understand the six main pain points of the young. "Only when we get into the heart of the young person, will they be able to leave through the door of the teacher's heart", he stressed. Only a 'caring teaching' who is value based can make the difference in their lives. 
The WORDS we speak often advertise our inner values and lifestyle. By taking stock of the 'ten most favorite' words used be a teacher in class and resetting them by a higher view of life, it would change one's world too. The session of aligning one's personal values with that of the institutional values was a nice opportunity to see whether one lives only on the level of 'survival' or is able to move up the ladder of 'stability' to 'success' and to being more 'significant'. 
In the final part of the session, the teachers were asked to plot their Value map based on Goal Values and Mean Values. The session was an opportunity to find out at which phase of Value consciousness they were and what needed to be done at a personal and community level. The understand of the various 'skills development' was also an eye opener. Through the use of simple everyday examples, the teachers were able to understand better how are values enable us top filter all that happens around us. 
At the end of the session, many teachers took the time to write the words of appreciation. On behalf of the management and teachers, the Deputy Headmistress proposed the vote of thanks.
"A very inspiring session. It has really helped us to realize our self worth as individuals too" - Tr. Fernandes
 "A well delivered session. Thank you for helping us understand ourselves better. Keep up your good work" - Tr. Pinto
 "A though pondering session. Gives us a better insight into dealing with the students in our class" -
 "A very warm up session at the start of the year... It really inspired us" -
Thanks to Fr. Nazareth and Sr. Lali for all the arrangements and for making the time available at the start of this year for this all important Value Education Orientation program. be blessed always.

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