Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Two hundred and twenty students of Standard X (A-D), from Our lady of Good Health High School - Sahar, were fortunate to have the AVEC team right at the start of their scholastic year 2013-14, to conduct a full two day's Value Orientation program. Fr. Nobert D'Souza, Principal of the school, welcomed the speakers Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to their school.This orientation program took place in the Parish Church. "First things first, here we want to place the emphasis on Values right at the start of the school year," said the new Principal.
The theme for the two day's program was: 'Lead Your Life By a Value Compass'. "Due to the various choices we make that are not value based, we have often traded our value compass for something less valuable, and as a result, we are lost along the path of life. Resetting our Value Compass is essential if we are to go beyond mere survival," said Fr. Glenford Lowe. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes took over by inviting the students to join in the prayer song 'Saveshaam Swastir Bhavatu',  imploring God's auspiciousness, peace, fullness and health upon all. 
The students were then guided into a rhythmic breathing session that also enabled them to journey into their own past school life and inhale everything that was life-enhancing and exhale every thing that was toxic and a distraction to their educative journey. Mr. Fernandes then introduced Fr. Glenford and wished the students a fruitful experience.
Through the use of a PowerPoint Presentation, coupled with a lot of humor and yet, full of challenging insights and personal reflective moments, Fr. Glenford was able to draw the attention of the students for the next three and a half hours on their personal response to the gift of life and time. "Setting new perspectives in life is the path to doing new things in life. What you perceive, is what you achieve", he kept reminding them. He added, "Challenge yourself to see beyond, dream big and let your value compass guide you there."
The students were asked to check out their favorite 'excuses' and their 'most meaningful questions asked'. "Excuse is not a value. As a young student, you have to transcend asking mere 'survival questions' and move towards asking more 'meaningful questions'. This is what makes your life more meaningful and valuable", he said. He then presented twelve important Diamond Values to be kept in mind: The value of a 'Winners' Attitude', working in a TEAM, Communicating Effectively, Gaining Confidence, Working Creatively, Multitasking, Self motivation, Being Truthful and Accountable, Living a Balanced Life and finally having a sense of Abundance. "I don't promise you a problem free journey, but I can assure you of a more meaningful one, if you have your value compass at hand", he promised them.
 At the end of the session, many of the students came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
"Awesome session for all students who cannot cope with their life and learning process" - A. Shaikh
"Today's seminar was very heart rendering. We learnt many values from this session" -  Bhagyashree,  X

"I really wanted someone to guide me on my way and to make me feel that I can do it. And, 'yeah' I was very happy when we were told that we would have a seminar. The teachings, the songs and talks were awesome. I will always cherish the things that I've learned in this seminar" - Carol Braggs, X
"I am very happy after attending this seminar. It gave me good knowledge on how to act in life, how to be a successful person too. i am thankful to Fr. Glenn for visiting our school" - Mala Narwani, X
"I liked the seminar very much. It was a heart touching moment for us all. I got the way to walk my life now. Fr. Glenn explained the topic very well. We the students of Std X - A/B liked it very much. Thanks on behalf of all the students" -  Inderjeet Gurjar
"I liked the seminar very much. the message that gave us challenged us to live life better" - Rajesh Patil, X
"This was a heart touching seminar for me. It was good for us students as we understand that life is very valuable. This was ans awesome seminar in all my school days" -  Prem Patel X
"I am in std X. I loved the pleasant talk that Fr. Glenn gave us. I had a fruitful experience and we are want to thank you for coming here" - Clyde DSouza
"I liked the new knowledge that was given to us. I had a good experience. Iliked the session as a class which taught me many good things. I also experienced the right way to help others" -  Mamta Rawat X-D
 "This seminar had a great impact on me. I had an amazing experience. It has changed the way I look at my life" - Shefali Kale X-C
"I loved this seminar that gave me a lot of valuable knowledge about life and good things. I loved this session very much" - Sakshi Borse X-C
"I liked your session very much. It was a very interesting seminar. I learnt many different values. Thank you Fr. Glenford" -  Ram Patel X-C
"It was an awesome seminar that was held here. I liked it very much" - Bipin Patel X-D
"Fr. Glenn you are awesome! I enjoyed the seminar. I will get in touch for more information about life. Just loved it... You made my day!" - Dahlin D'Souza
"Today, was an awesome day in my life" -  Ashok Patel X-C

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