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June 20, 2013: For the first time in its four year history, the AVEC were able to conduct a full day's Value Education Teachers' Orientation Program for Ninety Eight teachers from St. Joseph's High School - Bandra. Thanks to the invitation by Sr. Blanche, Principal of the school. The theme for the Value Orientation Program was 'Management By Values' (MBV). On behalf of the school management, Ms. Malica D'Mello, Primary school teacher, welcomed the guests to the school and also took the time to introduce Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Fernandes.
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the session inviting the teachers to join in a Prayer Song 'Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu' - imploring God's auspiciousness, health, prosperity, blessings and peace on one and all at the start of the new scholastic year 2013-14. Mr. Fernandes also introduced the teachers to a short moment of fantasy meditation that involved the awareness of one's body and breath and inhaling all that was 'life enhancing' while exhaling all that was 'toxic and destructive'. He then presented a brief report of the AVEC activities for the year 2012-13. He once again introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe and hope that the session would be a moment of grace and renewal for all.
 Fr. Glenford Lowe in his characteristic creative style, blending with a touch of humour and a lot of thought provoking questions, challenged the teachers of the school to embrace a new perspective so as to have a new procedural outcome. "What you see, is what you get", he kept repeating. With the help of a PowerPoint presentation packed with personal examples and down to earth everyday classroom moments, he was able to bring flashbacks of how the 'words' we speak in class reflect our values and our lifestyle priorities too. In a very subtle way, he presented the world of the young today and their pain points and value systems. "Until we understand and enter the world of the young, we would have no impact in our educational journey with them", he stressed.
The second part of the Orientation program focused on the power of WORD. Values are often hidden behind the words we use. Our lifestyle is a reflection of the values we uphold and that are dear to us. There are four types of lifestyle we live: from the level of Survival, to Stability, to Success, and then finally, to Significance. Using the three fold intersection of Focus, Capabilities and Will, the teachers were able to gauge where they stood in relationship to the alignment of Personal and institutional Values. 
 The third part of the session focused on the Brian Hall- Benjamin Tonna Value Map. Each participant was asked to identify their 'Goal Values' and their 'Means values' and to plot them on the Value map. In the end, Fr. Glenford made some very insightful comments and reflections on the way each one views the world and how we respond to it by the level of our value consciousnesses. He helped to teachers to make the effort to align 'Goal Values' with that of the 'Means values' and to also understand the importance of Value Skills development. He helped the teachers to understand the world of the young and how their value systems and view of life prevent them from maturing in the process. 'Education to Becoming' becomes a lot more difficult and fragmented as a result.
At the end of the session, Teacher Sibil Pereira, proposed the vote of thanks and appreciation to the AVEC team. A few of the teachers took the time to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
"An awakening session for teachers. Thank you for this session. It was an eye-opening session. Well done, and keep up the good work" - Ms. Malica D'Mello
 "A morning well spent. I'm grateful to you for giving me and my colleagues a great chance to know ourselves and our students better. thank you once again and God bless you always" - Candida Britto
"Keep up the good work and a very successful heart transplant. God bless you" - Genevieve Fernandes
"The entire session was very good. The concept of WORDS, even though is experienced in our daily life, was not that important until you cleared it to us in a very unusual way. Thank you father and we will definitely try to change our world" - Ashnima Andrades

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