Friday, 14 June 2013


June 14, 2013: This scholastic year, 2013-14 has been an opportunity to make inroads into new avenues. Today, AVEC had the privilege of conducting a full day's Value Orientation program for twenty two teachers of Auxilium Convent High School - Bandra. Sr. Priscilla, Manager of the School, warmly welcomed the AVEC team and hoped that an opportunity like this would bear much fruit. Fr. Glenford Lowe, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Sr. Vera were also present for the animation program on the theme 'Management By Values'.
The entire day's program was divided into two parts: Part one included an introductory Prayer song 'Sarvesham Swastir Bhavantu' that set the spiritual tone to the program, a fantasy meditation that focused on awareness of one's breath and rhythmic movements was guided by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and finally the AVEC report for the scholastic year 2012-13 was made known to the teachers. He then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe.
The second part of the session focused on knowing and understanding the world of the young and the personal pain points that hurt them. A school that does not take the time to enter the world of the young student will have very little impact on their minds and future. Through the use of a small puzzle, the teachers were able to grasp the importance of giving the students their rightful place. In the process, paradigm enlargement takes place too. Through the simple WORDS shared, one was able to look at how one views daily life. "What you see, is what you get", he said. Once there was a perspective change, then there would be a procedural change too. "Change your words, and change your world", he added.
Management By Values (MBV) is the present focus of the twentieth century. Value Education enables and enhances every person to contribute meaningfully to society. Through a number of exercises, personal examples from everyday life and with the help of a Powerpoint presentation, the participants were able to plot their Values based on the 'Tonna-Hall Value Map'. How one views the world, is how one responds to it. Looking at the importance of aligning one's personal values and that of the institutional values was also an eye-opener. Coupled with a lot of humor and interaction, there were also deep moments for introspection and a call for change in perspective too.
At the end of the session, Ms. Lorna D'Souza, proposed the vote of thanks. The following teachers contributed to the AVEC appreciation logbook:
"It was a very inspiring session and we learnt a lot about our youth, the problems they face and how to accompany them in their journey of Becoming" - Tr. Lorna D'Souza
"A very enlightening session about the children of today and the value crisis they face and their log-in password 'NOW' which is so true with today's generation" - Tr. Yolanda Ferreira
"It was a very interesting and inspiring session which will now help us understand our children and thereby enrich not only our family and school but the whole world as well"  - Tr. Daphine Carvalho
"It was a very enlightening session where we came to understand the world of the youth and their log-in password. From this session, I learnt about how to deal with the present generation and to help them to achieve their goals" - TrTrupti Sawant

AVEC wishes to thank Sr. Jascinta, Principal of the school for arranging the entire program. We pray God's blessings on everyone as you begin the new scholastic year 2013-14.

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