Saturday, 7 June 2014

St. Joseph's High School, JUHU: Teachers' Orientation Program

June 7, 2014
AVEC conducted a full day's Value Orientation program for thirty nine teachers from St. Joseph's High School - Juhu on the theme: Management By Values (MBV). After an initial fantasy meditation and a short introduction by Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, the session began with an invitation to make 'small perspective changes' that would eventually lead also to 'procedural changes'. Citing numerous examples from the lives of Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, St. Paul, Martin Luther King Jr and the high energy stored in a grain of salt, or a tree or a lightening bolt, Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director AVEC began to draw the attention of the 'power of a teacher' who makes small qualitative changes that could have a ripple effect in the lives of their students.
 Today session focused on managing one's life by Values. Values is an Education to becoming and a life long process. None of us is a finished product. We are all 'beings-in-process' and Value education plays an important role in enabling us to become Value based citizens. The session highlighted the world of the young and the their attitudes to life, persons, time, career, discipline, the sacred and the world. Giving a lot of practical everyday situations of the young students, the teachers were able to connect personally to this world of the young. "You can either do nothing, or seek old grandmother solutions or you can take the initiative to enter into the world of the young today and hep them to reset their attitudes by instilling values", he said.
 In the second session, the power of the 'word' and the necessary value shifts that had to be made by each individual was also given a thought. Using the famous 'Brian Hall-Benjamin Tonna Value Map' as a tool for personal evaluation, the teachers were able to gauge their own level of value consciousness and identify the value shifts necessary to live a significant life. Once your life becomes significant, you become a Value Guru, and your students will emulate your luifestyle.
 At the end of a four hour long session, the teachers found the who program well delivered and the many life examples and the PowerPoint presentation useful. In spite of the rising temperature in the hall, the teachers were fully attuned to the challenge and felt confident to begin the new scholastic with the 'heart back in the right place'.
 Mrs. Malcy DSouza proposed the vote of thanks and presented a small token of appreciation to the AVEC team.
A few of the teachers took the time to write their comments in the AVEC appreciation log book:
"Fantastic session Father Glenn. Inspiring, not only to us as teachers, but also as parents of young children at home. Bravo... and keep up the good work. We all owe it to our teenagers" Andria Pereira

 "It was recharging life" -  Milany DSouza
"Fr. Glenn, thank you for your inspired words which touched our heart. Thank you once again" -  Lazarus Sequeira
 "Dear Fr. Glenn. Your session was very enlightening. Your words of wisdom gave us an insight into ourselves as teachers. Thank you and will all try our level best to reach Phase IV" -  Liza Dantes
"Dear Fr. Glenn. thank you for the wonderful session. it was very enlightening and now I know where I am and how I need to improve to phase IV"
 "Thank you very much for enriching us this morning. i feel  iam so lucky to attend this session. Thanks a lot" -  Mrs. Paskeri
 "Thank for for the small orientation program you held in our school SJHS Juhu"  Malcy

Thanks to the management and Staff of SJHS - Juhu for your active participation and eagerness to start living a significant life and lifestyle based on Values" AVEC Team


  1. Its good to see this update so quickly put up by your team, Fr Glen!

    1. Thanks Malcy and do convey our appreciation to the management and staff of St. Joseph's High School - Juhu and we wish you God's abundant blessings on your new scholastic year.

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