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June 10, 2014
AVEC organized it's first students' Value Education Orientation Seminar for 69 students of STD X from St. Jerome's Convent High School - Kashmira. Thanks to the early planning by Sr. Nisha, Principal of the school. In spite of being in the midst of their holidays, the students took the time to grab the occasion to set their new scholastic year on a Valued path. Sr. Nisha warmly welcomed the students for the program and introduced the two guests Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenn Lowe. A few of the std X class teachers were also present for the occasion.
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the session by requesting the students to get into a reflective mood. A short fantasy meditation, accompanied with a call to body awareness and relaxation, set the students on spiritual tone. One could sense a relaxed moment when they opened their eyes. The prayer song '  Sarveshaam, Swastir Bhavatu' -with its interfaith religious visual also enabled the students to set aside all their personal tensions and anxieties to quieten down and focus on the topic ahead.
 The AVEC Theme for this year 'My Life: A Valued Journey" enabled the students to look at their life in totality - their present 'now' moment, their 'past' and future moment and to set aside all that disturbes and de-focuses their journey of life. Fr. Glenn enabled the students to look at the 'significant contributions' made by Mrs. Kia Scherr, Ryan Hreljac, Malala Yousafzai and the value based lives that they live today. "Everyone is called to Make a Difference and when we embrace values our lives become happier, healthier and holier", he affirmed.
Through a number of anecdotes and life experiences, and a well prepared PowerPoint presentation,  the students were able to look at their Life, the students were challenged to honestly look at how their live their lives on the level of the Body-Mind-Heart-Soul dimension. The 'Now' moment presented an opportunity to listen attentively to their personal lives at the present. The 'Spiral of Life' exercise presented and opportunity to the students to reevaluate their past life with all its joy and successes, hopes and regrets. The 'Wheel of Life' exercise presented the students with an opportunity to reorganize their future and to get tehir by following a value compass.
 At the end of the session, the students took the time to express their appreciation verbally. Mrs. Sheila, class teacher proposed a vote of thanks. Many students came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for an interesting seminar given to us today" - Mobin, X
 "It was an inspiring program. Thank you Fr. Glenn" -  Riddesh, X
 "It was the best session for me. Thank you Fr. Glenn. I will now get M.A.D" -  Prasann, X
"By this session, I will 'Make A Difference', first in me and in society. It was amazing" -  Sakshi Tendulkar, X
 "It was a very interesting lecture. I liked it very much. Making a Difference, I surely will get M.A.D" -  Vikram Shiradkar, X
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for giving us this information and I promise to follow your value based instruction in my life" -  Varadha Menon, X
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn. This session really challenged me to get M.A.D"  Shraddha Ambre, X
"The numerous examples of children our age, challenges me and made me more confident" - Vaishali Patel, X
 "Thanks Fr. Glenn for giving us this beautiful value orientation. My friends and I promise to live it all" -  Vinaya Shinda, X

Congratulations to the management and staff, and students of STD X especially, for their whole hearted cooperation and attentive participation all through the Value Education orientation program. We promise you all our prayers for a wonderful and educative journey in the new scholastic year.

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