Tuesday, 17 June 2014


June 17, 2014
Thanks to an earlier booking, Campion School - Fort, will have 5 sessions animated by AVEC this year! The first session, today, was a 'LEADERSHIFT PROGRAM', attended by 32 young leaders from Std VIII-IX. Mr. Paul Machado, Principal of the school, warmly welcomed Fr. Glenn Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn and hoped that the next five hours would be a fruitful learning experience for all. The young leaders were then introduced to a short moment of prayer, reflection and meditation. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes guided the leaders to get in touch with their inner being, to focus on their breath and sense the sacred spark within. The exercise truly calmed them down.
 Fr. Glenn started off with a call to make a 'LEADERSHIFT'. "As leaders of this institution, your call to be leaders is more than just seeing to discipline. Grab this opportunity to pick up the essential elements of effective leadership", he said. "This session is about making, small but effective, qualitative changes and shifts", he added. Through a number of  interactive activities, insightful leadership traits were touched upon. The U@50 speech by Jonathan Reed set the tone for new perspective changes.
The students were guided on the importance of Self Awareness, Vision, Planning, Team Work, Creativity, Responsible Delegation, Problem Solving and Communication, Time Management, Personal Renewal and Leaving a Legacy. Deep insights were discussed through the use of marbles, scrabble, strings, bouncing balls, sweets, balloons, ropes, paper and a plastic rod! Who would ever believe, that the simple things of everyday playtime would teach us lasting leadership values?
Five hours.... and wow!!! The entire session was lively, creative, participative and interactive. One could sense a new determination and passion among the young 32 leaders to make a difference and to align themselves with the vision and values that this prestigious institution, has over the many years, stood for. At the end of the session, Mr. Machado took the opportunity to thanks AVEC for this Leadershift program and invited the students to personally write down an essay on the entire day's inputs.
 At the end of the session, a number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
Siddesh Kataria: "It was an amazing experience attending this workshop I have learnt many values from here"

Shayar Shah: "These five hours have enlightened me and affected me a lot in the positive side and I learnt a lot about life and I’ll definitely change"
Parshva Jhaveri: "Fr. Glenn eliminated all our doubts and confusion and made us realize the potential energy of our life"
Joshua Machado: "I have been enlightened and inspired by this little talk and hopefully it will bring about a change in me"
Ansh Doshi: "We were inspired and enlightened by this session. Fr. Glenn taught us how to live life to the fullest, live life correctly and rightfully. “The world must be better because you walked through.” Some words Fr. Glenn said have clicked in our minds and will stay forever"

Anant Kedia: "I learned how to see things differently"

Dhruv Agarwal: "I thank Fr. Glenn for this session as it has changed my view of how a leader should be and I will implement his techniques in life"

Thanks to the Management and students of Campion School for this opportunity to motivate and animate the 32 Young leaders through this Leadershift Orientation program.
Thanks in a special way, to Mr. Paul Machado, Principal of the school, for his very warm welcome and hospitality.
We pray God's blessings on your institution and may this scholastic year 2014-15, be a Valued journey for all.

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