Thursday, 12 June 2014


June 12, 2014
AVEcC finally made its first breakthrough into Holy Cross Convent High School - Mira. On previous three occasions, the orientation program had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Thanks to the principal, Sr. Jessy , that the teachers were fortunate to begin their new scholastic year with this Orientation program "Management By Values". The principal, Sr. Jessy warmly welcome all the teachers back from their summer holidays and hoped that this orientation program would set a tone for the year ahead. She welcomed both Fr. Rochwyn and Fr. Glenn to the school community.
 Mr. Rochwyn began the session by imploring God's blessings on one and all, through a prayer song that was original in its interfaith visuals. He then invited the teachers to take a meditative posture while he guided them through a fantasy meditation. He helped them to get in touch with themselves, and to relax in body and mind. The short mediation really calmed everyone to focus on the session ahead.
 Fr. Glenn started off with a call to change. Embrace qualitative changes rather than quantitative changes! This session is about getting of the rut of routine and get into the dynamics of rhythm, he affirmed. Using a creative PowerPoint presentation, coupled with a lot of humour and deep insights into the life and vocation of a teacher, he challenged the teachers to start becoming Value Gurus in the lives of their students. The need to understand the 'attitude of the young and the world in which they live' was a very insightful moment for many. They were able to connect first with their own children and their students as well. "Only a Value based solution can help us to make a qualitative change in their lives', he said.
 In the second part of the session, the teachers were able to focus on the theme, Management by Values. The power of the Word and Managing one's lifestyle through a shift in values was a new insight for many. The Brian Hall- Benjamin Tonna Value Map exercise was an occasion to plot one's value consciousness and to check out the necessary value shifts that one needed to make to start living life more significantly. "None of us can remain on the level of Survival, Stability or Success. All of us are invited to live life on the highest phase IV...but its a challenge and a journey that is endless", he affirmed.
 The whole session was very instructive, educative and challenging. Ms. Sandhya Madraskar proposed the vote of thanks. She said, "In all my 38 years of teaching profession, this was truly the best ever". Many teachers came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
"We the staff of HCCS are highly obliged for giving us valuable time to impart the importance of Value Education in a nut shell. It was very innovative and enriching. We assure to take forward what we have acquired today in this seminar" Ms. Sandhya
 "An excellent session, after a long time heard something which I could personally relate to. Thank you Fr. Glenn" - Mrs. Musavant
"A wonderful session. The anecdotes to understand was superb. Thank you very much Fr." -  
 "It was purely mesmerizing and insightful" Jaya Malhotra
"It was a fruitful session. I am completely charged up with values and would surely imbibe the same to my students' - Almeida
 "It was a very thought provoking, uplifting and challenging seminar. r. keep up the wonderful work and a big God bless" - H. Maria

AVEC wishes to put on record its sincere thanks to the management and staff of Holy Cross Convent School, Mira Road for the opportunity to animate the teachers right at the start of the new scholastic year. We pray God's abundant blessing and may this scholastic year be an educative journey that embraces a lot more of 'qualitative changes' because you have become Value gurus in the lives of the young" - Fr. Glenn

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