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June 21, 2014
Good fortune came this way when a prior booking was cancelled in another school. Fr. Norbert grabbed the opportunity immediately to invite the AVEC team for a full day's Teachers' orientation program for 68 Teachers of Our Lady of Health High School- Sahar. Thanks to a warm reception received and the words of welcome by the school's principal, Fr. Nobert. He thanked AVEC for the important role they play in the Archdiocese in teh care and promotion of Value Education.
Mr. Rochwyn started off the session by invoking God's blessings for the year ahead through a prayer song. A spiritual tone was added to the program when Mr. Fernandes accompanied the teachers through a short but meaningful fantasy meditation and awareness exercise. The teachers were able to calm down and dispel all the tiredness and negativity. He then introduced Fr. Lowe and the many activities conducted by AVEC over the last few years. They were amazed to learn that AVEC had reached out to over 130 schools, 19,500 students and over 7,300 Teachers through their animation and orientation programs!
Fr. Glenn started off in his typical 'disturbing style'. Perspective changes and small qualitative changes are essential to having quantitative changes. Value shifts are the need of the hour. The world of the young today has changed drastically and their attitudes to life are also affected by it. As an educator we have three choices in which to respond: do nothing, or seek grandmother's solutions for today or be honest enough and try to respond in small but consistent ways to change their attitudes to life and the world. The six pain points of the youth were touched upon with very vivid examples that made it easier to comprehend the 'emergency state' in which are kids are today.
 Through the use of a number of everyday examples, a creative PowerPoint presentation and coupled with a lot of humor and deep insights, the teachers were invited to make shifts from 'prison to palace', from 'career to vocation', from 'referee to Guru', from a phase of 'survival to significance'.  "All shifts are difficult to make and back sliding is a common part of human nature. Until and unless we embrace values and make them our new lifestyle, their will be very little impact on our role as teachers.
 The Brian Hall-Benjamin Tonna Value Map was an eye opener to many and an opportunity to refocus on their personal lifestyle and make the necessary shifts to more to a higher phase of significance and contribution. The teachers were also challenged to develop the necessary skills needed for this higher phase of living. the examples for 'what you see is what you get' seemed very appropriate and practical too. The participants were able to align themselves and connect easily to the many school situations. At the end of a four hour session, that seemed to pass by so quickly, the teachers felt that this entire session was really worthwhile and necessary at the start of the new scholastic year.
Mrs. Alice Pannikal, proposed the vote and thanks and assured AVEC that the school was a highly value based environment that was conducive for making greater 'qualitative changes' in the lives of their students too.
The following comment was entered in the AVEC log book:
"The seminar was very inspiring and has motivated each one of us to be a better person, teacher and human being. Thank you for coming up with such a great session. Best of luck for the future and hope we have many more such inspiring and motivating seminars"

AVEC wishes to place on record their sincere appreciation for their warm hospitality and very active participation in the entire session. Thanks to Fr. Norbert for his very personal care and hospitality offered.
We pray God's blessings on your school and assure you of our whole hearted cooperation in promotion of Value Education. 

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