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 DON BOSCO COLLEGE - YERWADA: Value Orientation 
June 27, 2014
For the first time, the students of Don Bosco College - Yerwada, had the privilege of having the AVEC team animate a value education orientation program in the evening. The students of the evening college participated very actively in the entire program. Fr. Lorenzo D'Souza, Principal of the College introduced Don Bosco's educational system and invited the students to see the importance of Value Education in this college, He introduced Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenn Lowe to them. 
The program began with a Prayer Song and an invitation to a fantasy meditation that enabled every student to calm down and to get in touch with their inner most self. The rhythmic breathing exercise and the accompany guidance by Mr. Fernandes enabled them to really calm down and to focus on the upcoming session too. He then introduced Fr. Glenn and the various activities being done by AVEC in the filed of Value Education.
 Fr. Glenn then took over, he focused on the theme 'My Life : A Valued Journey'. The entire session centered on four important dimensions of one's personal life; the present, the past, the future and the problems that accompany one's daily life. Working on the simple principle of 'Choice-Consequence', he guided the students to make right choices by ensuring that their life is directed by a Value Compass. The students were invited to listen attentively to their present lifestyle, and to acknowledge their past - however painful or joyful, and then to make personal decisions to reorganize their future.
The two hours were really worthwhile and every student took personal interest in this session. In spite of a busy working day and then to sit in an evening college is no easy task. But the students went beyond their daily schedule to accommodate this orientation program.
Ms. Pearl Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the students. At the end, a number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
"It was nice and a very good experience" -  Namita Francis
"Made a real difference in us by your talk. Thank you Fr. Glenn" -  Alfiya Shaikh
 "Thank you so much Fr. Glenn for your words of encouragement to us to improve our life" -  Babli Chahar
"Wonderful session and yes, I will get M.A.D"  Kajal R. Pillay
"Today we have learnt that we need to arise form the past life and make a difference in our future" -  Salve Lavina
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for giving us and teaching us wonderful thoughts on Values of life and the knowledge to improve by learning to make a difference" -  Melvina Lobo
"I wanna thank Fr. Glenn for helping me to know about my life and my deeds and to know the meaning of the word 'Difference' -  Brillius Sahayarajan
 "Thank you for your words were more than true" -  Pralik Pandit
 "You were the source of inspiration. Today, I learnt to see myself well and learnt to reorganize my life through the wheel of life. I learnt how to set a good future" -  Shivraj Pujari
"Really was a motivational session. Will definitely help to make a difference. Thank you"  Mickson Nathan
 "Wonderful session. Would like to have you more often" -  Anosh Joseph
"Helpful for life change" -  Nikhil Inaniya
 "Thank you for your wonderful session. Definitely will make a difference in our life" -  Suraj Makse

Thanks to Fr. Lorenzo, Mr. Leo and Ms. Pearl for making the necessary arrangements to conduct this Value Orientation program for the students of the evening college.
God bless you work in the field of educating the young! 

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