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June 28, 2014
Over two hundred and sixty five Std XII students from Don Bosco Jr. College, Yerwada, Pune participated in a unique Value education Orientation program that was organized by AVEC - Mumbai. Fr. Lorenzo D'Souza, newly appointed Principal of the Jr. College welcomed the guests. He took the time to also educate the students on Don Bosco's Educational System and the role of religion in the institution. "Today, Value education is given the same importance", he added.
The students took part on the theme of the Orientation program : "My Life: A Valued Journey". The session began with an interfaith prayer song that invoked God's blessings for peace, good health, abundance,  and prosperity on all. The students were then thrown a set of questions that enabled to check on their daily decisions. "If your value compass is broken or traded for something else, today's session is an opportunity to reset your value compass and get back on the right track", he added.
The entire session was an eye opener to all the students. They were invited to 'listen Attentively' to the 'now moment' of their life in the four important dimensions of 'Body-Mind-Heart-Soul'. Fr. Glenn helped them to see their present life through a new perspective and challenged  them to rate their own life on a scale of 1-10. The second part of the session focused on connecting the dots of their life and to 'Revisit their past'. most of the students were really stumped! their past looked so distant and trying to pick up their significant experiences of life was not an easy exercise. In the latter half of the session, the students were invited to focus on the 'Wheel of their Life' and to 'reorganize their future". "Only you can make the decision to change and 'Make a Difference' by living a life of daily contribution" , he challenged them.
At the end of the two sessions, the vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Leo DSouza and Ms. Vasuda Pai respectively. The students from all the three streams: Art, Science and Commerce really found the entire Orientation Program highly refreshing, motivating and also challenging too.
Many of them came forward to write their comments in teh AVEC log Book:
"Got something new to learn" -  Sarranum Sayyed
"After listening to the session by Fr. Glenn we got to change our life" -  Janet
"After this session by Fr, we felt inspired and we will 'surely let our light shine'
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for making me realize the importance of life" -  Felicia
"Your talk was fabulous and invoking. Thanks very much" - Calvin
"Your session was excellent. I loved it and I received a lot from it. I will surely live it all" -  Hitesh
 "It was like a mirror showing me what I was before, what I am now and what my future will be if I change" -  Brian Raj
"Thank you Fr. This will help me to live my life more better and recover from my failures" - Neha Tushmar
"I really felt very nice listening to your talk adn from today, i'll start obeying my parents" - Sandra Jerome
 "Good to listen to you Fr. Glenn" -  Vijaylakshmi V.R
"I liked the talk alot. It was very inspiring and got a lot to learn. I'll follow that was taught today and let my light shine" - Akshay Deshmukh
"It was really a very inspirational talk. I really loved it. long live people like you! God bless" -  Shahenaz Sultana
"I will always keep in mind how you inspired us all. I will come out with flying colors" -  Neha Sakat
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for giving us a bright way to live our life" -  Aishwarya Bhalerao
"It was very interesting and continue to work in the future too" -  
"I found it very helpful too"
Wonderful session. Really felt good!"
 "It was very useful for us all and to understand more about ourselves. It was really awesome" -
"Awesome session. Feeling good now" -
"Was really inspiring and wonderful too"
 "Had a great time. Realized my mistakes in the past"
"It was an inspiring session and wonderful. I learnt to much in such a short time"
 "This session gave me a very good message to choose and make right choices. Thank you"

Congratulations to all the students for your active participation and above all for your sense of discipline. I pray that many schools look up to you and follow up style of participation and discipline.
Thanks to the Management and staff of Don Bosco High school, Jr, College and College for making our stay a very comfortable one.

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