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June 24, 2014
Another meaningful and fruitful day spent in the company of 69 young STD IX students of Campion School - Fort, Mumbai. Mr. Paul Machado, Principal of the school, warmly welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to the school and invited the students to focus on the very theme itself - "My Life: A Valued Journey". He then introduced the guest speakers. A prayer song  Sarwesham Swastir Bhavatu, with powerful interfaith video clips, set a spiritual tone to the program ahead. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes took the young students through a few moments of prayerful meditation and awareness of themselves. The entire exercise enabled the students to calm down and relax.
 The next part of the session focused on the very theme, 'My Life: A Valued Journey'. "No matter what your past has been, how battered, torn, abused and broken it may be, today's session is an opportunity to reset your life and walk by a value compass", he said. The secret of a fruitful and meaningful life is simply this; listen to your inner voice! Life offers us numerous choices, and its easy to be influenced by peer pressure, Bollywood models and immature decisions. Living a life of constant regret can be avoided if one listens to one's inner voice. "In life, direction in life is more important than velocity. It's more important to be on the right track than to run fast", he responded.
The students were guided on four important dimensions, that are also stressed by the school's Jesuit formation: Physical, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual dimensions. Through the 'Now moment' exercise the students were invited to listen attentively to their inner voice chatter. The 'spiral of life' exercise enabled the students to look at their past and to have the courage to accept the whole package of good and not so good experiences. Connecting the dots wasn't an easy part of the exercise. Young people today are so easily disconnected with their past. The 'reorganizing the future' exercise invited the students to make the necessary shifts in the right valued direction and to identity their 'teenage' problems and seek help from significant others in their lives.
At the end of the session, Mr. Machado invited the students to focus on three important aspects: "How did you feel before you entered this room, what are the learning moments of this session and finally, what is your personal commitments to make a difference and leave a credible foot print?" Many students also stood up to share their learning experiences of the day.
The session ended with the hymn, Go Light your World. 
 A few students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
"I will certainly remember all things mentioned, a great experience and very helpful" -  Vedant Talreja
"It seemed like Fr. Glenn knew all the problems of a child my age, and he also knew all their solutions.  Am feeling very content" -  Dhruv Chandel
 "Remembering about the past was extremely helpful. Learned a lot in our two hour sessions and I will cherish these fruitful moments forever" -  Sanay Doshi 
"Fr. Glenn has a deep insight on many teen problems faced. I think that Fr. Glenn has helped us very much and also it was brilliant to hear Father speak. 'Always remember your inner voice' "- Rayan Badheka IX B

Congratulations to all the young students of STD IX for your very attentive listening and active participation in the whole Value orientation session.
God bless you all and may God's blessings be upon each one as you journey through life in a meaningful and significant way.

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