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June 14, 2014
Finally, after many years, the AVEC animation team was able to make it to Loretto Convent School, Chembur. Thanks to Sr. Geeta, Principal who made it a point to book the team well in advance to avoid further disappointment. 50 teachers took part in a full day’s Orientation program on ‘Management By Values” (MBV). In-spite of the busy school preparations to get the school painting works complete, the AV Hall was ready to receive us all. The new AC's added the cooling moments for the sessions.
 Mrs. Sulekha, Senior Supervisor and Value Education Coordinator, welcomed Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes and Fr. Glenford Lowe to the school and thanked them in a special way, for all the animation in promoting Value Education in the Archdiocese of Mumbai. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, initiated the teachers to a spiritual experience through an appropriate Prayer Song, followed by a fantasy meditation that  enabled them to relax and slow down. “It was indeed a very calming moment, right at the start of the session”, remarked a participant.
 Fr. Glenn began his session, in his usual style! Breaking through all their comfort zones, he challenged them and invited them to be prepared to be disturbed. “School supports routine, and somehow, unconsciously, we get stuck in the process. Every new day only becomes a repetition of yesterday”, he said. He guided the teachers to become ‘Value Gurus’ rather than mere teachers of a particular syllabus. Perspective changes bring about procedural changes. This session was an opportunity to see things, for the first time, through a new eye!  
 Using a well prepared PowerPoint presentation, very interactive discussions, coupled with a lot of humor and everyday life situations, the teachers were taken through a  journey to make ‘qualitative changes’ in their homes, classrooms and the world. Presenting the ‘attitudes and world of the young today’ was an eye opener for many a parent and teacher. “Today, I have learnt to look at my teenage child and make new approaches and interventions in her life”, remarked a teacher.
 The three-part session, enabled the teachers to look at their value based lifestyles and to make the necessary value shifts to start living a ‘significant life’. When small qualitative changes take place, it has a ripple effect in quantitative changes too. The power of the Word and the ‘teacher as mother and coach’ were two highlights of the session. “You are not here in school to catch and red card the students, your primary vocation here is to be a coach”, he said. Through the Brian Hall-Benjamin Tonna value map, the teachers were able to plot their value lifestyle and make the necessary changes and shifts.
 The day ended with a feeling of being enriched and highly motivated to start the new scholastic year on a Valued note..
On behalf of the school management and staff, Ms. Manoshi Mukherjee proposed the vote of thanks. 
 The following comments were entered into teh AVEc log book:
"A very enriching experience" -  Delphine
 "Made me sit up and think" -  Adriana DMello
 "You made me realize how significant the WORD is" -  Mascharenhas
 "A very thought provoking session" - Sajeena
 "A very enriching and enlightening session" - Aditi

Thanks to one and all, and in a special way to Sr. Geetha and her community of sisters for the warm welcome and hospitality. We pray God's blessings on your school; on every student, teacher, parent and the Management team as you begin the new scholastic year on a Value based commitment.

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