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August 13, 2012: Two hundred and fifty students from St. Teresa's High School, Girgaum,  belonging to Standards Ten and Nine, participated in a one-day Value Education Orientation Program in the school auditorium hall. Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of AVEC and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes animated the Orientation program.The theme for the Value Orientation Program was 'Live your Life Guided by a Value Compass'. 

Mr. Rochwyn began the session with a prayerful song Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu. It added a touch of sacredness to the session. He continued by taking the students on a fantasy meditation, they focused on their breath and awareness of the breath of life within. This introductory session helped the students to calm down. He then introduced Fr. Glenn to the students. Each session was for two hours. The students really participated very attentively throughout the entire Value Orientation Program. 
Fr. Glenn challenged the students from the word go. He invited them to look at the way they journeyed their everyday life. "Direction in life is more important than Velocity in life. Its not how fast you go through life, but whether you are in the right direction. Once you are on the right direction, life takes a different and significant meaning too", said Fr. Glenn. "Add 'Meaning Questions' to your thought process and life will give you a whole set of new answers in life. Walk and be guided by a Value Compass', he added. One could see that a chord was struck between the students and the speaker. They were all ears and took part in the entire session with hope and attentiveness.
In the second part of the session. Fr. Glenn presented Twelve Diamond Value Skills for living a life directed by Values. He challenged the students on: Have a Winner Attitude, Create Synergistic Teams, Communicate your Message Effectively, Exude Confidence, Hone Creativity, See the Big Picture, Learn from Criticism, Multitask and Schedule your Priorities, Tell the Truth about Money, Live a Balanced Life and to have a Sense of Abundance. Through these Value Skills, the students were challenged to Make a Difference (MAD). Get MAD, Give LIGHT and LIVE VALUE was the slogan for the day. 
 The students then took the time to write their impressions on the AVEC log book: Below are some of their comments:

“I liked the session. I will try to make a difference in me and as I make a difference in me, I will reach my goal” – Shubam IX-A
“The session was awesome. We learnt new values form this class and I will try my best to make a difference in my life and achieve my goals” – Derita IX –A

 “The session was nice and it gave me moral values. But, I thought it should have been conducted in portions so that the morals could have been taught broadly and effectively” – Rajas Pawar IX

“The session was kind of awesome. We go a lot to learn and they were very good values which will help us to shape our dreams or goals in life" - Carsten Mendes IX
 "Very inspiring session. Every school must and must conduct such sessions because the moral values explained by father will prove to be very important in our lives" - Chinevey IX-C

"It was an inspiring session. It gave us some useful values and moral ones too which will help to make our life a wonderful one' -  Nidhee Mene IX
 "Very motivational. We have learnt that every coin has two sides: Good times and bad times come and go. But when the going gets touch, the tough get going. The seminar deeply inspired us to live our life to the fullest and enjoy each and every moment of our life" - Prerna, Niyushi, Maitri, Shivani X-A 
 "Inspired. Always felt like a failure but now I won't.... I am a Winner!" Dhwani, Saloni X-A/B

"It was inspiring for me. It gave me a direction about my aims and goals of our life but the final spirit or effort lies within me. Thank you for your motivational thoughts and experiences" Mayane Jain X-A, Aditya Paranjpe X-B
 "Truly Inspired!. Father gave us a direction in achieving our goals and to be a success in our life. He taught us how to live our life and inspire students to make a move for others to follow. Thank you" Parth Sarvaiya X_A

Congratulations to all the students and I pray God's bless on you all for a good and fruitful year ahead of you. 

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