Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Carmel of St. Joseph HighSchool, MALAD: STD IX-X Value Orientation

Carmel of St. Joseph High School, Malad: STD IX-X Value Education Orientation Program:
August 22, 2012: Thanks to the Principal, Sr. Dorette and the two Value Education Coordinators, Mrs. Nancy and Clara Kinny, for the invitation to come over once again and to address the students of standards Nine and Ten. Over four hundred and ten students attended the Value Education Orientation program that was organized by AVEC, in the persons of Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes.
Two sessions were conducted to accomodate the hugh number of students. Mrs. Clara Kinny introduced the two guest speakers to the students. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes then began the session inviting the students to get focused on a Prayer Song 'Sarvershwar Pornam Bhavatu'. He then took the students on a fantasy meditation, while focusing on their breath of life and being aware of their body tensions and need to clam down and relax. He then introduced Fr. Glenn to the students.

Fr. Glenford Lowe challenged the students to 'keep a value compass' always at hand that would enable them to make Value based choices in life. "Direction in life is more important than 'velocity' in life", he kept repeating. Through a nuber of short but inspiring Video clips, insightful teachings, personal testimonies and a lot of humour and deep moments for personal reflection, the students were taken on a 'roller coaster' ride to look at life through a clearer perspective. What you see is what you get!
The Twelve Point Value Skills for life and the session on 'Resetting your life and your clock' for the students of standard ten, were opportune moments for personal soul searching. You cannot cheat yourself at anytime... get MAD..Make a Difference. Through the twelve value points the students were able to see their live and their response to life in a new way. "Surely this was the best session I ever attended" remarked a young student.
On behalf of the school management and the students themselves, head girl, Kimberley Remedios proposed the vote of thanks and promised to make a difference with the Value compass now in hand. Many of the students took the time to write their impressions in the AVEC log book:
“Simply, I was confused…but now all is cleared” – Jeel IX-A
“I am grateful that Father came up with this session, It changed my life” – Rutu IX-A

“The optimist says, ‘the glass is half full’. The pessimist says, “the glass is still empty”, Father taught us to ‘fill up that glass” –Jessica IX-A
“Thank you so much for giving us to attend this session because at some point of time, we need a blow, a wake up call…you just increased my determination level to capture and reach my goal” – Anoushka Fernandes IX-A

“This session definitely brought back to life the dormant creativity and humanity in our hearts” – Mitali Shroff IX-B
“It was very inspiring” – Mansi IX-B
“This session was something really amazing and it was an ideal topic for teen girls like us as we are on the threshold of life. God bless you dear father and I wish you all the very best through the intercession of Don Bosco” – Candida Lobo IX-C

Thank you Father and Mr. Rochwyn for the session you had in our school. This was the session that actually touched our heart. We could understand that way we should live our lives” – Hanishi Shah IX-B
“Thank you father for this session. It has helped me a lot and has given me tips to achieve my goal. I would love and try to have the ‘lighthouse’ attitude. God bless you”  - Hanna Varghese IX-C

“Thank you a lot Father and Mr. Rochwyn for changing our thoughts about life and helping us to live a different life” – Saloni X-B
“Fr. Glen, thank you for an inspiring talk and I will cherish it throughout my life” – Melissa Alva X-A

“Dear Fr. Glenn, your values and your thoughts will surely help us improve our life. We wish to be guided by you further in life” – Miti Shah X-A
“Dear father Glenn, we are really grateful to you for conducting an amazing session on the important values in life. I am sure your teachings will help us a lot and build a bright future” –Mahima X-C

“You both have really challenged and helped us understand how to face the challenges of life” – Kimberley Remedios –Head Girl
“Thank you so much Rev. Fr. Glenford and Sir. Rochwyn for instilling in us your life –values and for making us better people. We definitely have got a new heart from this session. It will be of great help for us in our future” –Nikita X-B

“You both have really helped us understand life and also gave us many new answers to life. We thank you for guiding and giving us a beautiful session. Thank you” – Virti Shah X-C

Thank you to all the students of Carmel of St. Joseph High School for being so wonderful, attentive and participative all through the session, I pray God's blessing on you all, especially on your studies and on your future dreams. Fr. Glenn Lowe 

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