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Divine Child Junior College, Andheri: Students' Value Orientation

Divine Child Junior College, Andheri: Students' Value Orientation Program
August 4, 2012: Two hundred and twenty Junior College students from Divine Child, Andheri attended a five-hour Value Orientation Program that was conducted by Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of AVEC in the Junior College Auditorium. Sr. Laurencia, Principal of the Junior College welcome Fr. Lowe to the Junior College and invited the students to make the best use of the opportunity given to them.

Fr. Lowe started his session by inviting the students to 'look at the stars' rather than the 'tip of the finger' that points towards them. He also exhorted the Junior College students to focus on their 'direction' in life rather than the 'velocity' of living it. "It's not how fast you run in life that matters, but whether you are in the right direction that matters", he affirmed. He then took a prayer song that calmed the young minds. Through a paper exercise he made the students reflect on their past, present and future. A short video clip on the testimony of Jackie Subarido was inspiring and challenging to the young minds to let not the pains of the past stop one from experiencing the joys of the future.
In the course of the first session, Fr. Lowe took the time to invite the students to look at their 'River Flow' in life. Life is like a river... right from its Origin to its final Destination. The students took the time at each river stage to make a prayer of thanksgiving and a prayer of forgiveness. The students were challenged to look at their Origins, Sources, Tributaries, Peaceful Moments, Underground Hidden Moments, Detours, Exploitations, Dryness, Obstacles, Stagnation, Rapids, Depth and Width, Destination and Ultimate Desires. The students really took this session seriously and prayerfully.    
In the final session, through the use of a lot of video clips, personal testimonies and deep insights, Fr. Lowe was able to bring home to the students the important aspect of Valuing their personal lives and to make a difference in the lives of others, the society and the world. The the use of Twelve Value Skills the students were able to make three personal commitments for their future life. 
 At the end of the five hour session, William proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the students. Harjitjit spontaneously came forward and expressed his personal sentiments of thanks and appreciation to Fr. Lowe. Students Celestine and Rendelle too came forward and shared their experience of the day.  Sr. Laurencia, then, concluded the day thanking Fr. Glenn for this Value based session.
 Many of the students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book. Unfortunately, most of them did not write their names.
"In this session I learnt that I need to have confidence in myself to face any challenge in life" - Celestine
 "Thanking you Father Glenn for giving us such a wonderful time and for your valuable teachings through Values"

"Thank you very much Father Glenn and we promise that we will emerge out as confident individuals in the society"
 "Thank you dear father Glenn, we are really grateful to you for your inspiring words"

"Thank you very much for your precious time and for giving us knowledge to face challenges in life and for making us confident for what we are"
 "Thank you Father Glenn for being with us. Your inspirational videos and words really touched our hearts"

"Dear Father Glenn thanks for counselling us and we hope that you will come early enough to counsel us again"
 "This session was like a 'life saver'. Really, the one's who feel like there's nothing left in life and try to give up. This session gives them 'new life' and helps them to begin a 'New Life' Thank you very much!"

"Thank you Father Glenn for inspiring and motivating us. We have learned to face any situation and learn a lesson from them" -Vaishnavi Ghande XI- Sc
 "Thanking you Father for spending your precious time with and for us. We would really be glad if you visit us again. The sessions was energetic and has changed us from what we were" -  Alisha Biyani XI-Sc

"Thanking you Father for your wonderful sessions. It was quite different and inspiring from all the others I have ever attended till now. Hope to meet you again father. Thank you" - Delilah XII -Com

Congratulations to all the students, teachers and the management for organizing this wonderful occasion to meet, challenge and inspire young lives to make a difference in their personal journey of life and in the world around. God bless you all and may all your dreams be fruitful with the special favour that comes from God's loving hands. 

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