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Carmel of St. Joseph High School, MALAD: STD VII-VIII Value Orientation Program
August 21, 2012: Three hundred and ninety five students from Carmel of St. Joseph High School, Malad, from Standards Seven and Eight participated in a Value Education Orientation Program in two sessions. The sessions were conducted by Fr. Glenford Lowe, sdb and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. Thanks to Sr. Dorette, Principal of the school and the Value Coordinators of the school, Ms. Nancy and Clara Kinny who made the arrangements for the entire day. Ms. Nancy welcomed the guest speakers and floral bouquets were also presented by a student.
After a powerful inter-faith prayer song, 'Sarwesham Swastir Bhavatu', Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes journeyed with the students through a fantasy meditation while enabling them to focus on their breath too. It was a moment for the students to relax and calm down. He then introduced Fr. Glenn to the students, presenting a part of the interview that Fr. Lowe had given at the Visit of the Relic of Don Bosco, after his Kidney donation a year ago.
Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of AVEC invited the students to set their focus on their direction in life as guided by a 'Value Compass'. "As adolescents, we often try to go through life holding in our hands a broken Value Compass that leads us no where. Today, is an opportunity to gift ourselves, once again, with a solid Value Compass", he insisted. "Values enable us to make the meaning choices that help us Make A Difference too", he added.
Through a number of powerful video clips, deep insights, personal testimonies and sighting everyday examples of a student's life, the students were able to grasp the 'Twelve Diamond Values' as presented during the session. "Gift yourself with a Valued You", Fr. Lowe keep repeating. At the end of the session, the students could feel a new sense of direction beckoning them to live their lives like 'Lighthouse Students' firm on solid ground and yet reaching beyond horizons to save other lives too. "People of Value get MAD - Make-A- Difference", he said.
At the end of the session, the students took the time to write their comments in the AVEC log book:

"We could learn something new about Values today" Jantavi VII-A
"This session will help us in our lives. Thank you" - Melissa VII -B
"We learnt new Values for our life" - Shania 
 "We learnt about Values and how to be good human beings" Prithuika VII
"I liked the way Fr. Glenn explained the Values to us" - Norma VII - C
"I liked the slogans and songs and the way Father Glenn explained. Thank you Father and your Team" - Alice James
"I liked the way Father taught us to grow in life with Values" - Taara VII C
 "I liked the session really much. I also liked the video clips very much. It was really nice" - Patricia Vaz VIII - B
"I liked the session very much. I think it will help us very much in life" - Nidhi Shah VIII-B
"Dear Father, your teaching was too good. It really meant a lot. Sorry about the disturbance caused by some girls" - Caroline DSouza VIII-C
 "I liked the teaching about the 12 Values. These were very effective for our life. Thank you for your precious time father" - Shikha Yadav VIII-C
"I liked the session because it was very joyful and we learnt something about our life" - Kinnari Raichura VIII-A
"I liked the session very much, the videos were were touching and I will try my best and bring about a change" - Yasha VIII-A
 "I enjoyed the session as it was very touching and very beautiful. I was very touched by the whole show-flow. The 12 Value points program was really interesting. Thank you father Glenn for coming. You rock!" Fleur Bhantu VIII-A
"I enjoyed the session very much. The videos were very touching for me" - Chryshelle Fernandes VIII-B
"I loved and enjoyed the way you explained and cleared the 12 points. I really loved your session. I am sure you will solve my problems. Thank you. You're Rocking" - Ritika S.P VIII-C
 "I liked the session and even the video clips. Good session and should be continued again" - Dhvani Panchal VIII-D
"I enjoyed this session very much. It was really interesting. Thank you" - Shashwathi Rai VIII-C
"The session was very fruitful. It gave me a lot of spiritual food to take for my life ahead. I thank Fr. Glenford a lot for coming to our school and presenting this Value session" - Kelly John VIII-D

Congrats to all the students for your active participation and attentiveness all through. Wish you all the best in your studies and in your future life too, Be blessed and God be with you!

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