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August 28, 2012: The AVEC Team today organized a One-day Value Orientation Program for One Hundred and Twenty Three Students of Standard Ten at Don Bosco High School, Borivili. The session began with a word of appreciation and welcome from Fr. Allwyn Misquitta, Administrator and acting principal of the school. The theme for the day’s session was “Lead your Life by a Value Compass”. The session was divided into three sections.
 In the first section, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, AVEC Program Coordinator, invited the students to join in a prayer song ‘Sarveshaam Swastir Bhavatu’ that invoked God’s blessings of peace, prosperity, love, joy, fullness, health on everyone. This was followed by a moment of fantasy meditation. The students were asked to focus on their breath and visualize an inner journey to bliss and restfulness. The session truly enabled the students to relax and calm down. Mr. Fernandes then introduced Fr. Glenn to the students.
 The second part of the session focused on: The Three Types of Student – Lighthouse, Wheelbarrow or Magic Bouncing ball Students. “Unless you are built of a firm foundation with an inner capacity to radiate light and save lives, your life will be meaningless and directionless”, said Fr. Glenn. Through the ‘Paper Exercise’ the students were able to focus on the gift of the past and the joy of the future. “Never let your past remain as your future, and let not your future be thrown behind you as past”, challenged Fr. Glenn.
 “Leading your Life by a Value Compass” was an opportunity for the students to look at ‘Twelve Important Diamond Values’ that would enable everyone to live life not on the level of survival, but rather, on the level of meaning and significance. In his own creative style, Fr. Glenn spoke in a clear but strong way, through the use of PowerPoint presentations, personal life testimonies; everyday student based examples and coupled with a lot of humour 
 The final part of the session was the culmination. The students were challenged to ‘Reset their Clock and Reset their Life’ by focusing on what was worth living for and dying for in one’s life and investing one’s personal time on it. “Resetting the clock and compass was a sure path to transform your ‘trashed up past life’ to discovering the treasure within the future ahead of you. The students took the time to make three commitments that would enable them to become MAD – Make A Difference! 
 On behalf of the students, Dhruv Dholakia and Bravin Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks. Students Kunj Rawani, Karan Mody, Rahul Tauro also came forward to express their appreciation for the day’s Value Orientation Program.  Fr. George Carlos, Principal of the school was also present for the ending. He too, took the time to thank the AVEC Resource team for a wonderful session with the students. 
 Many students wrote their words of appreciation in the AVEC Log book:

“The session was just wonderful. It was very motivational and inspiring”  - Karan Mody X-A

“This session was extremely magnificent and inspirational” -  Klinzman Vaz X-B
 “This was an inspiring and magnificent session” ­ - Kunal Kadam

“This was the best L.B.O from the L.B.Os that I have attended” – Nathan X-B
 “It has been a wonderful experience and very motivational” – Yash Dhabalia X-A

“It was an amazing program and we really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful experience” – Chris D’Souza X-A
 “It was a very enthusiastic program” – Srashanti

“It was awesome. Father, you really rock!” -  Clevin D’Souza X-A
 “Everyone enjoyed it. Best experience ever” Dhruvit Shah X-A

“Thank you father for making this year memorable for us and it was very good” – Godwin J X-B
 “It was interesting, motivational and memorable” – Mithil X-A

“Father, thank you very much. You are igniting every mind. Continue it” – Steven Michael X-B
 “It was a very motivating session for all the Std X boys. We thank Fr. Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes for this session” – Rahul Tauro X-B

“It was an extremely motivating session and everybody enjoyed it a lot. Thank you Fr.” – Abishek Nayak X-B
 “Thank you Fr. For the quality time that you spend with us and I hope you spend it every year” – Alister Pinto X

Thank you father for your interesting motivational talk” – Sarvesh Maheswari X-B
 “it was a joyful and valuable session” – Sunil Noronha X-A

“Fr. Glenn is really a nice man with nice thoughts. The session he conducted in our school was really good” – Sagar Salvi X-A
 “Thank you Father Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn for this awesome program and you really helped me in motivating me” – Noel D’souza X-A

Thanks to Fr. George Carlos, Fr. Allwyn Misquitta and all the staff and students of Standard Ten for the wonderful experience of today.... I came here 'to disturb' you and you were ready to be awakened. That is the best gift you can give yourself at the important juncture of your life...I pray God's blessings on each one of you and may your lives continue to brighten the lives of those around you. may your light ever shine! - Fr. Glenn Lowe sdb

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