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August 29, 2012: For the third consecutive day, AVEC organized a Value Orientation Program at Don Bosco High School, Borivili for One Hundred and Twenty students of Standard Eight. Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of AVEC was warmly welcomed by Fr. Allwyn Misquitta, Administrator of the School.  The Princiapl, Fr. George Carlos also was present to welcome Fr. Glenn and he invited the students to make the best of the the opportunity given to them.
 The session was divided into three parts. The first focused on the Power of God's Grace in one's life and one's Time. A prayer song, 'Sarweshaam Swastir Bhavatu' set the prayerful tone that was needed for a focus on the theme: 'Lead Your Life by a Value Compass'. The students were then taken through a brief moment of reflection on the gift of life and the power of one's breath. He then took the students through a personal reflection on 'MY NOW MOMENT'. The students were asked to write about their 'NOW' moment, the Colour of the life, the Face of their life, the Season of their life, the World of their life and the God of their life. They then spent a few minutes sharing with their classmates on their 'Now' moment. It was interesting to see the students talk to one another about their personal life story!
 In the second part of the session, in challenging the students to get 'MAD - Make A Difference', Fr. Glenn invited to students to stop living a 'life of mere survival' and start living a  'life of Meaning and Significance' by using the Twelve Diamond Values. "With this Value compass in Life you can never get lost", he said. He focused on the need to : Ask Meaning Questions, Have a Winner Attitude, Think TEAM, Effective Communication, Exude Confidence, Hone Creativity, Motivation and Leading Others, Accept Criticisms, MultiTasking and Keep Schedules, Tell the Truth about Money, Live a Balanced Life and Think Abundance! Through these Diamond Values the students were challenged to be 'Light house' students rather than being mere 'wheel barrows' and 'bouncing magic balls' with no inner drive or direction in life.
 In the final session, the students were invited to 'align their life and their time'. 'Only those who have the capacity to reset their life or reset their clock' can start making a difference. "If you keep doing what you always did, you will get what you always got", he said. The students really took the day seriously and actively took part in all the activities and moments for sharing and deep reflections too. At the end of the session, a number of students came forward to express their words of thanks and appreciation. On behalf of the class, Matthew and Mihir proposed the Vote of Thanks.
 The following observations were made by the students in the AVEC log book:

"Thank you father Glenn for giving your precious time and you program really challenged me to get M.A.D"  - Dreurata R. Borkan VIII-B

"Thank you father for giving us your precious time and your inspirational talk. You are already an inspiring hero for all of us here in Don Bosco. I can't say more about you because you are already a 'perfect man 100% abilities too" - Vikrant Singh VIII-A
 "Thank you father, you are really inspirational and makes us fell the need to Live By Objectives too" -  Srujan M VIII-A

"It was truly wonderful experience which has made us M.A.D and thanks for disturbing us so much... I can say no more because you are a 'perfect man' -  Mihir Hate VIII - A
 "This was one of the best LBO programs I've ever attended. The program was very touching and inspiring. We thank you Fr. Glenn for giving us your precious time and disturbing us. I have become MAD. You are a real hero!... I am speechless for a man like you" -  Pratik Barot VIII -A

"Thank you father for giving us your precious time and making us go M.A.D, for your inspiring videos and for really 'disturbing' us in this seminar from our everyday life" -  Shaun Nazareth VIII -A
 "Thank you father for your precious time and for making us go M.A.D" -  Avertin Ferrira VIII-A/ Sanvesh Desai VIII-A

"Thank you father for your inspirational videos and words. You are really a 'perfect man'. May God shower  blessings on you, and I really got M.A.D" -  Kenneth Martis VIII B"
 "Thank you father. You are a 'perfect person' and you really made us MAD. God bless you father" -  Shivram V. Sankhe VIII A

"Rev. Fr. Glenford organised the LBO at our school in a wonderful way. I thank Fr. Glenn on behalf of the VIII Std. We surely will be boys who will go M.A.D" - Elroi Noronha VIII-A
 "Thank you father for organizing this inspiring program" -  Tushar M. Apte VIII-A

""Thank you father Glenn. It's been a great honour and pleasure for us. L.B.O was thought provoking and also and eye opener for all of us" -  Burhan V. Rangwala
 "Thank you father Glenn. It was very inspiring and provoking. You are great!" -  Param Suru VIII - B

"Thank you father Glenn for tour precious time with us and for the inspiring videos too. Father come next year also" -  Rishabh S Kalida VIII-B
 "Thank you Father Glenn. It was really awesome and we really will get M.A.D" -  Aziz Y. Rangwala VIII-A

"Thank you Father Glenn. It was very thought provoking and we wish you continue this program in our school" -  Ameya Weling VIII-B
 "Thank you Father Glenn for spending your precious time with us and making us go .M.A.D. It was really thought provoking" - Rahul Pinhiero VIII-A

"Congratulations to all the students of standard Eight for your very good response and active participation in this Value Orientation Program 'Live Your Life by a Value Compass". Hope to see you sometime again....and keep living you lives lovingly and meaningfully. Go M.A.D and leave a powerful legacy. God bless your educative journey with much success and fruitfulness. Thanks to Fr. George Carlos and Fr. Allwyn and all the teachers for all the arrangements made for this Orientation program" Fr. Glenn

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