Friday, 17 August 2012


August 17, 2012: Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director of DBYS and AVEC today conducted a day's Recollection for Forty One Teachers of St. Dominic Savio High School, Andheri. The theme for the Recollection was "A New Heart lived by Values". On behalf of the school, Ms. Vidya, Supervisor of the School welcomed Fr. Glenn, a past pupil of the school. A floral bouquet was also handed over as a sign of appreciation and welcome.
The session began with a prayer song 'Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu' imploring blessings of fullness, peace, health and happiness on all. Fr. Glenn then invited the teachers to be ready for a 'heart transplant'. "Put your heart back into your workplace and the miracle of passion, purpose and significance will take place", he said. Through a variety of examples, touched with humor and moments of personal soul searching, the teachers were asked to align their Personal Values with that of the Institutional Values. "Manage your Life by Values'   was an insight that brought about a new perspective change. What you see, is what you get!
 In the second half of the session, the teachers were asked to plot their Value Consciousness on the Brain-Tonna Value Map. With the help of one's personal Goal Values and Means Values the teachers were able to discover their place in relation to their World View, their Choice and the Values that guide their choices in life. The Recollection Day was a moment to make a personal commitment to 'Manage One's Life By Values" and live a significant life. 
 Many of the Teachers took the time to write their impressions of the day in the AVEC log book:
"Wonderful session. Heartfelt thanks!" Vidya

"Very encouraging session, need of the hour. Thanks and God bless" Ms. Soumaya K
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn. It was an inspiring session. I have learnt alot from the phrase "change your word, and change your world" - Hilda Jesudas

"It was an enriching and enlightening session. This process will help me in the journey of our life. Thank you Fr. Glenn" - Rupal Thakkar
 "Thank you for giving an insight in myself" - Shraddha

"I met an angel along the way,
and lo, he spoke and smiled!!!
His mere presence invigorated my soul and elaborated the graph of my life!!!
With calmness he said " May Fullness be unto all / Sarvesham Purnam Bhavatu".
Thank you for giving your spirit to us...
Inspiring us, helping us to introspect within our souls...
Today, we pray that as we celebrate life, 
May good health, peace and happiness be yours for acons to come.
We assume you, we give you our word that we shall not tag any expiry date on our hearts,
but live our lives to the fullest. Once again, thank you dear Father" - Dominic Savio Staff
 "Fr. Glenn, you have helped me realize how my words can bring a change within me and to others" Jeanette Crasto

"Fr. Glenn, I taught in Business Studies of Management and that Management is planning, Directing, Staffing, Coordinating etc... but above all, today I understood Management is Value" - Bharathi (NIOS) Staff
 "Father, your talk has really touched my heart and I shall change my life with all the values in your word" Dillian Veyra

"Thank you father for your word that created a spark in me again, which I had when I joined in school and I'm glad that my staff had come together with the 'WE' feeling for yes.Together We can achieve me!" Mrs. Maria Xavier

Thanks to one and all for the encouraging words of appreciation. May God bless your vocation as Educators of the Young after the heart of Don Bosco.

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