Monday, 6 August 2012


August 6,2012: The AVEC team was invited by Mrs. Marie D'Silva, Principal of St. Joseph's High School, Umerkhadi for a Teachers' Value Orientation Program. Seventy Seven Teachers from the Primary and Secondary attended the three hour long Orientation Program. Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, Director of AVEC  was warmly welcomed by Bernardine Menezes. Fr. Anthony Fernandes, Manager of the school was present all through the sessions.
 Fr. Lowe began his session by inviting the teachers to stop being 'sitting-on-the-wall' educators. "Let your Values determine your choices in life and wake up the 'God given call to be educators of the young", he affirmed. He led the teachers into a prayerful song to start the Orientation. "Putting your heart back into loving your call to be educators will make all the difference", Fr. Lowe said. Looking at the basic assumptions that colour our Educative lifestyle enables us to look at life with a new perspective. Perspective changes trigger procedural changes.    
 In the second session, the teachers were taken through a personal moment of soul searching as they took time to align their 'Personal Values' with that of the 'Institutional Values'. Alignment of Values take place at four levels: Survival, Stability, Success or Significance. "No matter where you are, you can make a choice to move to level four, that of Significance", he said. Make purpose and passion your yardstick to become more effective rather than being merely efficient! 
In the final part of the session, focusing on "Management By Values (MBV), the teachers were asked to plot their Value Map based on the Tonna-Hall Value Map. It was an eye opener for many and a challenge too. Discovering one's Goal Values and one's Means Values, knowing the necessary 'Value Skills' needed to be developed and Understanding the way one's View of Life is, is necessary for making a Significant contribution to self, others, the world and God.   
At the end of the session, the Vote of Thanks was proposed by Sonal Sindhav. On behalf of the management, the teachers and herself, she thanked Fr. Glenn for his insightful session with all its practical tips and coupled with a sense of humour too.  
 Some of the teachers added their note of appreciation in the AVEC log book:
"An achievable challenge held out to us as educators. Where idealism has been given a very practical approach  Very tangible goals, well expounded by you Fr. Glenn. Thanks" -  Bernardine Menezes
 "Father it was an inspiring session which has changed our thinking and our world. We got so much to learn from you. Thanks. We would like to have more sessions in the future" - Smita Parulekar

"Thanks for your inspiring session. We pray and hope that we carry out your teachings and instill values of love in our little hearts. God bless" -  Mrs. Mary Augustine

Thanks to one and all for the opportunity to be with you and spend such soul searching moments to make our lives more effective and significant.

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