Monday, 18 June 2012

June 18, 2012: Forty five young leaders of St. Joseph’s High School, Juhu, were given a full day’s Leadership Program that was conducted by the AVEC Team, in the school auditorium. The Principal, Sr. Beena, was particular that the leaders be given a Value-based-Orientation in Student Leadership at the start of the new scholastic year. Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes took the opportunity to give the students a Leadership Program with a Difference – ‘Leading By Values’.

 The Leadership program began with a prayer by Mr. Rochwyn, who then briefed the young leaders about AVEC and its contribution to the Archdiocese in terms of promoting Value Education. Through two short leadership based ice-breakers, the students were made to feel comfortable and at ease. The students were then invited to a feast of activity and deep soul searching and personal reflection throughout the rest of the session by Fr. Glenn.
 The following points were stressed on:
1.       The Need for Self Awareness and Self knowledge  (Who am I?)
2.       The Power of a Clarity of Vision (where do I want to go/ who do I want to be?)
3.       The Importance of SMART Planning (how do I get there, or become ?)
4.       The Energy in TEAM Building (who goes with me?)
5.       The Essence of Creativity and Thinking Higher (How do I do it differently?)
6.       The Grace of Responsibility and Delegation (when to share the load with others?)
7.       The Strength of Attentive Listening and Communication (how to overcome obstacles?)
8.       The Effectiveness of Time Management (when to get things done and living by the clock?)
9.       The Well spring of Renewal (how to stay fresh and alive in daily life?)
10.   The Influence of Leaving behind a Legacy (what footprint, heartprint, soulprint do I leave behind?)
 The students really participated whole heartedly in the Value based Leadership program. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the interest in the students to make a difference in their school and neighborhood by ‘Leading by Values’
The Value Education Teacher then proposed the vote of thanks.
 Below are some of the words of appreciation by the students in the AVEC log book:

“This program taught us so many good things about Leadership. It will surely help us to do better and to succeed well in our future life too”. ­Michelle Vaz IX -A

This leadership programme conducted by Fr. Glenn will really be one of the best sessions which I ever had in my school life. It taught us how to grow up in different places with leadership qualities” Melissa Dunbar
 “This leadership programme was a wonderful program! It was not only learning through speaking and long sessions, but we had quite a lot of fun with the games. It was an awesome experience and thank you Fr. Glenn and Mr. Fernandes for the wonderful Leadership experience” – Steffi Kunnel IX –C
 “The Leadership program held in our school was truly awesome, making us leaders of today and tomorrow. It helped us to realize that the necessary qualities of leaders that we actually possess in our selves. I really thank Fr. Glenn who give us this wonderful Leadership advice” ­Dhroov Singh X-B
 “The leadership programme was very good. I liked it very much. I truly loved it. Thank you Father Glenn. You presented the Leadership qualities very well to us” ­– Fazal Baloch, School Captain

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