Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June 19, 2012: At the start of the new scholastic year, at the invitation of the previous principal, the AVEC Team were invited to animate a Value based Orientation program for fifty five teachers.The Topic for the Orientation program was "Managing By Values" (MBV). The program began at 8.00 am and concluded at 12.30 pm. It was a wonderful opportunity for the teachers to take stock of where they are 'NOW' and to move on to higher modes of perception and performance through the MBV program.  Thanks to Sr. Dorette, the new Principal of the school for arranging the program.
The program began with words of welcome by Ms. Nancy Kelwadi. A floral bouquet was also presented to Fr. Glenn, Director of AVEC. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began the orientation program by inviting the teachers to listen to a Prayer Song 'Go Light Your World'. This was followed by a brief moment of relaxation and with the help of a short fantasy meditation, the teachers were able to relax themselves.
 Fr. Glenford Lowe, began his session by challenging the participants to be ready for a 'Perspective Change' - a humpty-dumpty experience, to be ready to be turned upside down, to be shaken and to reset one's mind and heart with a new passion, purpose and peace. Through various personal examples, blended with a touch of humor and deep soul searching questions, the teachers were invited to seek their 'NOW' moment with a new direction and significance.
Learning means also 'Relearning' and being open to new discoveries.Through the twenty eight assumption lists, the teachers were invited to make perspective changes and to seek greater clarity in their role as educators of the young. The session on 'Managing By Values' was an opportunity to help the teachers focus on their 'Personal Values' and to align them with the 'Institutional Values'. Discovering where one stands in relation to the 'Value Alignment' was an eye-opener to many.
Finally, using the Brian Hall-Benjamin Tonna 'Value Map', the participants were able to discover their level of Value Consciousness and to make a decision to move upward and higher in life. Through various interactive exercises and moments of silence, the participants found it very enriching and innovative enough to see where they would like their Institution and Personal Life to align.  
 The day ended with a vote of thanks.
Some of the participants gave their evaluation of the day in the AVEC appreciation log book:

"The session was Interesting, Interactive, Innovative, and Initializing...one to take action to make this a 'WE WORLD' - Caroline Pinto
 "Wow! Fr. Glenn. A humorous and an excellent orator. Really enjoyed the seminar... truly enriching! Thank you for all the good work that you do" - Charlotte D'Souza
 "Made me think of where I stand and how I can move forward. May you touch many more lives. God bless you" - Yulricka

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