Friday, 22 June 2012


June 22, 2012: The AVEC Team was once again on its feet. This time, at the invitation of the previous Principal, Sr. Dorette, the Teachers were introduced to a full day Value Orientation Program based on ‘Management By Values’ (MBV). Forty seven teachers from Durello Convent High School participated in the event. Sr. Vera, resource personnel from AVEC was also present. The guest speakers were warmly welcomed by Sr. Zarina

The session began with inspiring words of wisdom by Mrs. Serena Velso, while floral bouquets were presented by Sr. Theorette, the Superior and by Sr. Zarina, the New School Principal. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, AVEC Coordinator, began the session with a prayer song followed by a short session on the importance of relaxation and concentration by rhythmic breathing. A fantasy meditation accompanied the moments of silence. He then briefly presented the tasks assigned to AVEC and the various activities organized by AVEC.
 Three sessions followed in quick succession by Fr. Glenn Lowe. The first session focused on “Perspective Changes that lead to Procedural Changes”. Using a lot of personal examples and teachings of Don Bosco, he clarified the role of the educator in the lives of every student. 
 The second session focused on “Management By Values” (MBV). Through a lot of introspective moments and sharing, the participants were able to check themselves in relation to their Value Alignment and to focus on how better to align Personal Values with that of the institution’s Values. The interplay between ‘Focus-Capability-Will’ was essential in a Value based performance.
 In the final session, the teachers were invited to take a giant leap and to plot themselves on the ‘Brian Hall-Benjamin Tonna Value Map.’ The session was an eye opener to many a teacher. It was an opportunity to make decisions for change and to move ahead in life with greater passion and motivation and guided by ‘Self Worth Ideals’ that give significance to one’s life.
The sessions ended with a short video clip by Robin Sharma on the power of ‘Contribution and Personal significance’ in one’s life.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Flavia Cardozo

 The following were impressions written by a few participants in the AVEC appreciation log book:

“An inspiring, introspective session, encouraging us to be self motivated – to bring about change and make the world a better place” Ronette Gonsalves
 “Wonderful and motivating Orientation Program, thank you Father Glenn” ­Flavia Cardozo

“Great experience, Fr. Glenn is an effective speaker; it has really been different after this seminar” Mrs. Levita Dias
 “It was an excellent exposure and a journey into the life’s dormant volcano. Really looking forward to another seminar. Thank you. 10/10!” Mrs. Veronica Paul

Thanks to the management of Durello Convent for all the arrangements made for today's Value based Orientation Program

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