Tuesday, 12 June 2012

ST. JUDE’S HIGH SCHOOL – KALYAN: Teachers’ Value Orientation Programme
June 12, 2012: Forty eight teachers of St. Jude’s High School, Kalyan were given a half-day Value Orientation Program that was conducted by the AVEC in the school premises. Fr. Vincent Thomas, assistant manager of the school, together with the Principal, Mrs. Alice planned the entire program for the teachers at the start of the new scholastic year.

 This was the first time that we had a Teachers’ Value Orientation Program that began with the Eucharistic Celebration. The celebrant, Fr. Glenford Lowe chose “Participating in the Multiplication of Loaves” as the theme for the Eucharist. The mass was well animated with lively singing, appropriate readings, commentaries and prayers of thanksgiving
 The Teachers’ Value Orientation Program then began in the school auditorium. Mrs. Sherlin Sexton welcomed the guest speakers to the hall. Fr. Vincent Thomas also introduced the speakers and welcomed all to a fruitful session at the start of the year. A prayer song set the mood for the first session
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes gave a brief summary of the AVEC Objectives and activities for the last scholastic year. He then invited the teachers to set aside all their worries and distractions and to focus on their breath and relax with the help of a guided fantasy meditation.
 Fr. Glenford Lowe, began the session by inviting the teachers to have a ‘bungee-jumping’ experience! “Be ready to be toppled upside down,” he challenged the participants. He stressed, “Once we have a perspective change, a procedural change will also happen.” The teachers were taken through a battery of assumptions and opportunities were offered to see the same situation with a new light. ‘Youth: A Lost Generation” was the start of the ‘bungee-jumping’ experience. Be ready to reverse the order to start afresh and renewed.
 The final session ’Managing By Values’ (MBV) focused on the importance of aligning personal values with that of the Institution and to gauge one’s place on the ‘Performance-Fulfillment’ intersection. This exercise was an eye opener to many to find out how they can make a difference once their Personal Values align with that of the institution. Proper values make us live ‘Optimum’ lives!
 Mrs. Siima Ghosh proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the teachers. The day was truly fruitful and energizing to all at the start of the new scholastic year.
 Many teachers came forward to subscribe for the monthly e-letter ‘Values for the Yatra”

 A few of the teachers wrote down their words of appreciation in the AVEC book of appreciation:
"The session was informative and interesting. It will surely make a great change in our approach and attitude" Alice Thomas
 "It was a complete package, definitely soul searching and a turning point". Sherlie Sexton

"Today's session will surely make a great change in our lives, in our approach and our attitudes. Thank you for sharing such valuable thoughts" Beatrice Fialho
 "Inspiring" - Nancy Cyril

"The session was highly informative and helped us to see ourselves better. Such refreshing seminar could always be conducted and teachers invited to Don Bosco as well for upcoming sessions." Scholastica

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