Wednesday, 13 June 2012

DIVINE CHILD HIGH SCHOOL: TEACHERS’ ORIENTATION PROGRAMJune 13, 2012: The AVEC Team animated a Teachers’ Value Orientation Program for Divine Child High School, Andheri. Over eighty five teachers attended the program. Sr. Lawrencia, Principal of the school, welcomed the two guest speakers and introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe 
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, Program Coordinator for AVEC briefed the teachers about the Objectives and activities of the AVEC and its progress over the last three years. A prayer song was screened that set the note for a few moments of silence that followed by way of a fantasy meditation. The teachers felt a lot more relaxed and ready for the Value session ahead
 Fr. Glenford Lowe began the session by narrating the story of the camel. “Long long ago, you and I lost our heart for the desert”, he added. Without having our ‘heart’ in our workplace, we will only carry excess baggage and we will feel caged in. Freedom comes by having passion and guided by values. Through a ‘Teacher’s Assumption Quiz’ the participants were invited to break free from old-mindsets and to embrace new priorities based on values. The participants were also invited to make credible perspective changes so as to start off new value based procedural changes.
 Taking the participants through an activity based game; the participants were taught the importance of giving every student their rightful place in the school environment. The session finally ended by enabling the participants to align their personal values with that of the Institution and to plot their point of alignment. Everyone was invited to live an ‘Optimum Life’ where one’s personal fulfillment and job satisfaction are maximum.
 ‘Managing By Values’ was an opportunity offered to all the teachers at the start of the new scholastic year to live the Values that are close to one’s heart and that of the institution too.
 Some of the impressions by the participants as written in the AVEC appreciation log book:

“The session was well conducted, very simple yet very effective. The values were explained in a simple, easy to understand manner”  ­Sarita Rebello
 “Fr. Glenn truly brought out what is really important for us as teachers. The session was inspiring and it is important to love our children”  Monisha Khan

“Father Glenn’s talk on Managing By Values has truly touched me, I have also learnt the true importance of values in our life” ­– Lidwina D’Souza
 “The session was very good. It was required to begin the year. Thank you father. It was wonderful to have you with us” Lucrenia Rebello

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