Monday, 11 June 2012

June 11, 2012: At the start of the new school academic year, the AVEC team was invited by Fr. Bosco D'Mello, Principal of Don Bosco to animate a day's Value Orientation Program for the Teachers of the school and to enable them to come up a VISION and plan for the year ahead. Fr. D'Mello welcomed the speakers and invited the teachers to use the opportunity to align one's Personal Values with the Institutional Values and to draw up the Vision for 2012-13.

Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes then introduced the activities and objectives of AVEC, and took a reflective session that enabled the teachers to calm down and relax through a breathing exercise.
A Prayer song also enabled the participants to appreciate God's presence in creation around us.
 Fr. Glenford Lowe, then took the participants through three sessions that challenged them to think differently and to act differently. "Our words and our thoughts are influenced by the words that we write and speak. Words reflect our values", said Fr. Lowe. He added, "Only when we  have the courage to make a 'Perspective change', will we have the courage to make a 'Procedural change'. Change your words and change your world!
The session included a powerful poem, 'Youth: Lost Generation' by Jonathan Reed that again invited the teachers to perceive differently. We need a 'humpty-dumpty' falling experience to wake up from our complacency and closed mind-sets. "Management By Values' (MBV) was an opportunity for the teachers to wake up, perceive differently and to realign one's Personal Values with the Don Bosco School Values and Vision that it stands for.
The last session was on 'Vision' and the teachers were guided to 'Listen to the Spirit' and 'keep in mind the Salesian Pedagogy and the Legacy of Don Bosco' as the criteria in guiding one in the present day situation with all its challenges and causes. With the Salesian Congregation's clarion call 'Towards 2015' - the Bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco, the teachers were invited to be proud of the 'Salesian Stamp' that gives a unique identity to the institution. 
On behalf of the participants and the management, Mrs. Shahnaaz Abbas proposed the vote of thanks.Floral bouquets were offered to both the participants while Fr. Bosco took the opportunity again to say a word of thanks
 Given below are some of the words of appreciation,
"Managing by Values is a journey of self-discovery. Thanks for helping us to reach the vision for our institution." - Shahnaaz Abbas
"Soul searching, thought provoking, definitely a positive change. God bless" Mary Cardoz 

"Challenging the status quo was uplifting. Reminding us that rankings don't indicate much was welcome. Rekindling this 'Extraordinaire Philosophy' of Don Bosco  in us is the need of the hour". Susan Philip

Thank you for the opportunity to address you and to help us spread the mission and vision of Value Education in our Institutions. 

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