Sunday, 10 June 2012


June 9, 2012: Don Bosco Naigaon today welcomed the AVEC team to take a Value based Orientation Program for forty five teachers of the Primary, Secondary and Junior College. Fr. Flovi D’Souza, Principal of the school welcomed the guest speakers Fr. Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to the school and gave a brief introduction. 
 Mr. Rochywn Fernandes then explained the various Objectives and Programs that AVEC offers the various schools affiliated to the ABE. Mr. Fernandes took the teachers through some quiet moments of relaxation and breathing exercises to calm the mind and body. The teachers were now all set for the program.
 The Value based Orientation Program consisted of three sessions: Clarifying One’s Assumptions, Aligning One’s Personal and Institutional Values and finally charting one’s own Value Map based on the ‘Hall –Tonna Value Map’. Fr. Glenn, using a PowerPoint Presentation and through various reflective exercises, down-to-earth examples and diagrammatic representations, the importance of Values as ideals of significance and action were well discussed
 The Manager, Fr. Orville Coutinho summed up the session with a few words of appreciation, while, Mrs. Dorothy Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks.  Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes presented the Principal with a set of 36 Value Posters.
 Here are a few words of appreciation written by some of the participants in the AVEC Log Book:
“”This was a real eye-opener session for me. The Management By Values (MBV) with its characteristics was nicely explained in a simple and lively manner. Father, please do come often for this Orientation Session to our school. I have learnt and realized that there is much to know about our Values and how to inherit such values and share it with our family members, thus making our family happier than earlier. If the family is happy then the environment where we work becomes still happier. Thanks a lot for sharing this immense knowledge and we hope to implement this in our day to day activities at our work place (school) as well as home”. Sanjeev Mujumdar (Math’s Teachers- Junior College)
 The session was thought provoking, well planned at Personal and Institutional Levels”­ Christine Thomas
“A very Educative, Inspiring and meaningful Orientation. Had a lot to learn”. Dorothy Fernandes

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