Thursday, 8 August 2013


August 8, 2013
For one hundred and seven Cabinet Leaders of St. Mary's High School - Kalina, today's program came as a total surprise. AVEC organized a a full day's session on 'LEADERSHIFT - Leading By Values'. The school principal, Mrs. Jasmine Lobo warmly welcomed Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to the school and invited the young leaders to make use of the opportunity, to make a difference in the school, through their leadership qualities. She also made a special mention of the generosity of Fr. Glenn - a wonderful example of sacrifice - who donated his kidney to a fellow priest. 
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes began his session with a prayerful meditation. He enabled the young School Cabinet members to breath in all that was good and positive and exhale all that was toxic and negative. The students took part in the whole meditation in a very serious manner. He briefly explained about the AVEC and then introduced Fr. Glenn to the students.
 Fr. Glenn began the session by recalling the student life of our President, Honourable Pranab Mukerjee. He also made reference to the young Malala Yousafzai, from Pakistan and her daring leadership style even in the face of a Taliban shout out. "Your role as School Cabinet Leaders is more that just maintaining discipline in the school. In that case, a policeman will do a better job. The school doesn't need 107 of you to do it!' he shook them. "As leaders your role is far more important, and 'Leadershift - Leading By Values' will help you to make your lives here in school more significant," he added.
Good Leaders start by looking within. Self Awareness is the key to Leadershift. The first exercise enabled them to focus on the learnings of  one's past, holding on to one's future and also having the courage to accept one's present moment with its light and shadows. Good Leaders first take control of the destiny of their own lives before their begin to lead others. VISION was another aspect in good leadership. "Know what you are running after in life. Be clear and stay focused on your Vision, or else, you will run after things that are useless and of no value," he added. Without vision, men perish.
The importance of SHARING THE VISION and building Synergistic TEAMS was also emphasized. This was enhanced by another exercise using balloons. PLANNING the SMART way leads to success and fulfillment of the task given. Good Leaders 'THINK OUT OF THE BOX' - Creativity gets you there, and THINK HIGHER was the slogan! The need to be RESPONSIBLE was also highlighted. Good Leaders know how to HANDLE CONFLICT and PROBLEM SOLVING. The students were then engaged in a heated discussion that brought out the importance of Problem Solving. Avoid being judgmental and running for hasty solutions.  
The sessions also focused on the importance of using COMMON SENSE. Too many times we just jump into doing a task without really using common sense. The final part of the session focused on the importance of LEAVING A LEGACY. Good leaders leave the world better than they found it. "What is it that you would like to be remembered for at the end of your life?" he asked them. Great leaders leave a foot print large enough for others to follow. What is your footprint that you will leave behind?
 At the end of the program, a few leaders came forward to express their appreciation in the AVEC log book:
"Thanks for making me a better Leader" - Jeanelle X-B
"Thank you for such a good session. I believe, we can develop into better leaders" -  Preetika IX-D
 "Thank you, it was a very inspiring and will help us to become better leaders too" -  Asha VIII - C
Indeed, it was an experience that we never imagined at all. Being a leaders is not just to lead others, but to first set an example for other people to follow" -  Cyrene IX-D
"I thank Fr. Glenn for helping everyone and me today" -  Aniket VII
"I liked the way Father Glenn spoke to us in this session. I will try and follow the tips given during this Leadership program" - Hemant IX-D
 "Today's session was wonderful and inspiring for us. Thanks for that" -  Ashwin IX-D
"It was a beautiful experience for all os us and would like to have at least another every year" - Arush IX-B
 "It was a pleasure to meet you because of your teaching. We leaders can enlighten the students in the school" -  Sheldon Martis VII-C
 "Indeed it was an enjoyment for us and for helping us to lead a better leadership" - Nojin VII-C
 "For making the boring work of leadership into fun, thanks"- Rushabh VIII
 "Thank you for giving us your valuable time. I would like you to come to our school regularly and give us talks on Leadership" - Vivian 
Congratulations to one and all the young leaders for taking part attentively in the whole program and for the school management for making this possible for the AVEC to conduct this 'LEADERSHIFT- Leading By Values ' Program. God bless you all


  1. Kudos to all the students from one of the top schools in Mumbai. Very interesting to read this post!