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August 6,2013
Today, Organ Donation Day, was usefully spent by over one hundred and forty six young leaders of St. Anne's Girls High School - Borivili. 'Leading By Values' (LBV) was organized by the AVEC Team of Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes. The school principal, Sr. Gracelin welcomed the guests and paid special tribute to the generosity of Fr. Glenn in donating his kidney to a fellow Salesian priest.The students responded spontaneously with a thunderous clap. Floral bouquets were also presented at the start of the session.
 The session began straight away. The students were divided into ten teams to facilitate greater participation. The whole Leadership program was actually a 'Call to LEADERSHIFT'. The young leaders were invited to participate in a number of reflective games and activities, each one stressing a certain aspect of Leadership styles, qualities and attitudes necessary for a Leader today. "Your role as Leaders in schools is more than merely maintaining discipline. Any policeman would have done a better job," he said. Leadership is a mission that is lifelong and necessary. All are called to be leaders.
 The four hour session focused on the following main themes and questions:
SELF AWARENESS: Who am I? What has my past got to teach me, my future to lead me and my present to appreciate and correct?
VISION? Who do I want to be (Character)? Where do I want to go (Achievement)? What do I want to have? (Possession) What is it that you are really running after?
PLANNING: The importance of being SMART in one's plan. Failure to plan was planning to fail!
TEAM WORK: The Power of Synergy over mere teams that just collaborate or compromise.
CREATIVITY? Can I think higher and achieve greater results? Think out-of-the-box!
RESPONSIBILITY? Can I delegate and be responsible for my choices?
CRISES MANAGEMENT? How can I reach out to people who are difficult to lead?
COMMUNICATION? Can I be open to the 'two way' style of communication?
TIME MANAGEMENT: The need to learn the 'art of thin slicing' and living by the 'clock'.
RENEWAL and SHARPENING the SAW: Leaders are constantly in need of daily renewal of Body-Mind-Heart-Soul
LEAVING A LEGACY: 'What is it that you would like to be remembered for?
Every important aspect had a creative game, a moment for group sharing or for personal reflection.
The young leaders took part in the whole exercise very attentively. They were eager to learn and put into practice the essentials of good leadership. Leader Tanya Sharma proposed the vote of thanks on behalf of the young leaders.
The following comments were entered in the AVEC appreciation log book:
"I am, very grateful to Fr. Glenn and Mr. Fernandes for their precious time to guide us to be great leaders one day. Thank you for showing us who we really are and for correcting our lives" - Mitali Patel X-B
 "We are grateful to Fr. Glenford for leading us and making us into better leaders. Thank you for giving us your valuable time and we appreciate it" - Gehna Gurbani, Shelia Shah IX_B
 "I am very glad to have such a wonderful leadership seminar under the training of Fr. Glenn. I am really sure that all the leaders attending this seminar will follow your values. Thank you" -  Neha A. Brahmane IX-C
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for an inspiring seminar. it has made a great impact on our views and will definitely be very useful for our future. It gave us a boost which was very much necessary for us" - Karen D'Souza X-A
"Thank you Fr. Glenn and Mr. Fernandes for leading us to the path of good leaders. You have introduced us to our flaws as leaders and given us solutions through simple interactive exercises. Your words of guidance matter to us and will definitely make us better leaders. Also, this was the first seminar where problems of leaders were addressed. Thank you so much" - Tanya Sharma IX-A

Congratulations to all the young leaders. be blessed and thanks to the management for arranging this Leadership  Program for the students.

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