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August 19, 2013
One hundred and thirty five students of STD X -A/B from St. John's High School - Marol took part in a day's recollection that was animated by Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb, Director of AVEC. The school principal, Sr. Taara Ohol, welcomed Fr. Glenn to the school and introduced him too. She highlighted the role that the AVEC plays in inculcating Values among the students. She also made reference to Fr. Glenn regarding his kidney donation to another fellow Salesian priest. She implored God's blessings with an opening prayer.
After an opening prayer song 'Dil Ke Mandir Mei',  Fr. Glenn invited the students to avail of the golden opportunity given to them to reflect on their life and to make decisions for change for the future. The theme for the day's recollection was 'My Spiral of Life'. He drew the attention of each students to go beyond the 'material value' a person and to focus on the 'spiritual value' that makes our life so meaningful and purposeful. Citing a story from the latest Readers' Digest, he made the students reflect on four important dimensions: Listen Carefully to God's voice, Revisit your Past, Reorganize your Future and finally Write your problems of the sand. 
Through a numbers of reflective exercises and small group sharing, he guided the young students to 'connect the dots' of their lives and to see where their life was heading. He helped the students to look at their  'BODY-MIND-HEART-SOUL' integration and to plot the important events of their past life on the 'Spiral of Life'. The students took the time to share their personal life stories with one another - though for some, it was a very strange experience. Fr. Glenn also invited the students to look ahead into the future and to see where it was heading. "God desires the best in your life and has plans for your peace and prosperity. Everyone needs to align with God's will, rather than allowing your life to be high jacked by someone else," he said. In the end, the students looked at their 'wheel of life' and the necessary resolutions they need to make to new start in life. The session ended with a song ' Carry Your Candle".
 A number of students came forward to write their words of appreciation in the AVEC log book: 
“A very enriching, refreshing and rejuvenating talk by Fr. Glenn. Thank you for your help” – ­Pratik Devnani  X-A
“I felt very nice. I felt very good and it touched my heart. I want you , if you can, to keep this type of session every year” -  Shubham Kalpande X-B
“Father Glenford’s session was very spiritual. I have no words... I liked it and will improve my life from it. Thank you Father.” – ­Mahesh Solanki X-B
“Truly awesome session” -  Ambrosh X-B
“Awesome. Once more!” -  Delvin X-B
Keep up the good work. Astonishing” -  Dipen X-B
“The session was super cool. Awesome” – Jitto X-B
“Father I have been inspired from you. I will improve my life. Thank you Father” – Ebrahim X – B
“It was an inspiring day. Thank you Father Glenn for making a difference in my life. It was awesome” – Jordan X-B
“It was an awesome session. I would like to encourage everyone to come and see what the Lord is doing here” ­-  Aurelius X - B
 “You opened the door of my life. Thank you very much” – Disha Ravindra Lal X-B
“I felt my life come before me like a dream” – Mohsin X – B
“The session was very motivating and inspiring, also it gave us all a moment to ponder and reflect upon our lives” – Lizelle X-A

“A great, inspiring session. Thank you Father Glenn for motivating us and for inspiring us for our future” – Tijo Thomas X-A

Congratulations to all the students for taking the time today to reflect on their personal life and to make commitments to life a more purposeful and meaningful life always. Be blessed always!

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