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August 20, 2013
The students of STD X - C/D had a wonderful experience today in school, when the AVEC organized a one day Recollection for one hundred and nine students. Sr. Tara, Principal of the school welcomed the students with a short prayer and then introduced Fr. Glenford Lowe to them. She invited the students to make use of this golden opportunity, that had come their way, to reflect and set a direction to their life. The theme for the day was - "Who am I and what is my worth?"
The session began with a prayer song - 'Dil Ke Mandir Mei'. Fr. Glenn then asked the students to look at their own worth in life. Looking at human beings only from the 'material point of view' is not worth it at all. One has to discover the 'spiritual aspect' of a human being and today's recollection was an opportunity, in someway, to discover it. The session focused on four major points in one's journey of life: Listening attentively to one's 'Now Moment', Revisiting one's Past - no matter how painful or bad, Reorganizing one's Future, and finally, Writing one's Problems on the sand. 
Using a few visuals, inspirational songs and touching on true life stories like Malala Yousafzai,  Jacqui Subarido and from one's own religious practices and rituals, the students were able to plot their present moment of life based on various parameters of the 'BODY-MIND-HEART-SOUL' dimension. Sharing in small groups enabled them to unfold the story of their life. It was interesting to see the students take this part of the session very seriously. The next part of the session focused on 'Revisiting one's Past' along the spiral of life. Each student was invited to look at both the good and bad experiences they encountered in their lives. Using a number of symbolic pictures, the students were invited to go deeper into their past life and connect the dots and to recognize the hand of God in it all.
In the final part of the session, the students looked at the 'wheel of their life' and focused on what they need to do to reorganize their future in the various dimensions of life. The students were invited to look at life beyond the confines of the classroom and to prepare themselves for the future with confidence and hope. Believe in a God who cares for you and has plans for every success too. It was indeed a very spiritual moment for one and all the students. 
At the end of the session, students Lucia and Warren D'Souza came forward to propose the vote of thanks on behalf of their respective classes. A number of students also wrote their comments in the AVEC appreciation log book:
"At the start of the day,  was really depressed and alone, but after the session, I actually felt enlightened and found some hope. He was really amazing" - Lucia X-C
"In this session we learnt the real meaning of life and how to start a new life" - Sidhant X-C
 "We loved the session. It was nice of father Glenn to come and speak about life, it really opened our eyes. It felt nice to be guided by someone" - Haren X-C
"The session was really good. We got to learn a lot of things about life. Thank you Father Glenn" - Ryan X-C
 "The session was amazing. We could learn a lot from this session about our life. We should live our life to the full even though it has its ups and downs" -  Nagma X-C
"The session was amazing. we loved it a lot. Everyone was engrossed in it. Father Glenn shared many insights into our life and how to make it meaningful too. I'd like to say thank you!" - Adecba X-C
 "The best session in the school hall. The best get together with a small family in its own! After this session, surely will make my candle brighter day by day" - Daniya Syed X-D
 "I really felt it was a good session which totally changed the path of my life" - Riya Lobo X-D
 "One of the best sessions that I have come across. Got to know the different situations in life. Thanks a lot for showing us the right direction in life and we want more of it from you. Thank you!" Stephanie Alvares X-D
"I loved the session . it touched us and made us aware of the importance of our lives. Thank you Fr. Glenn from my heart" - Saurabh Sharma X-D

God bless you all my dear students and congratulations for the very attentive and effective participation in the program all through the day. - Fr. Glenford Lowe

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