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August 21, 2013
Holy Cross High School - Lower Parel organized a full day's Value Orientation program for the students of STDs IX - X. Sr. Lali Sebastian, Principal of the school welcomed the speakers Fr. Glenford Lowe sdb and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes to the school. After and initial opening prayer by Ropal Rahul Kamble and an introduction by Mrs. Salomi, the nearly five hundred and forty students were taken through a two and a half hours session, for each class, on 'Living Your Life Guided By a Value Compass'. 
The session began with a prayerful invocation and a prayer song 'Sarveshaam, Swastir Bhavatu'. Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes organized a fantasy meditation for the students of STD X. Inviting them to inhale all that was positive and good and to exhale all that was toxic and negative was a new experience for many. After the meditation, he introduced Fr. Glenn and above all, made mention of his kidney donation to a fellow Salesian priest, a little of over two years ago.  
Fr. Glenford began his session with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, coupled with a lot of reflective moments, deep insights and a bit of humor too. Using a number of true life role models in Value enhancement, like Ms. Kia Scheer, Malala Yousafzai, Ryan Hreljac, Derrick Redmond, and Nic Santanosasco, he challenged the students to start making a worthy contribution to themselves first, and then to society at large. "You are growing up in a place in Mumbai that is fast developing, and unless you equip yourself with values and education, you will never make it to the top here," he advised them. "Have a dream worth living for and let it be guided by a Value compass, " he added. 
He invited the students to stop making excuses and to start each day by focusing on 'meaning questions'. Then taking the students through a battery of everyday examples, he invited the students to start reconstructing their value compass. He highlighted 'Twelve Diamond Values' that are essential in living a meaningful Value based life. The values of 'winner' attitudes in life are the foundation to everything else. He touched upon the need to value the importance of good synergistic teams, communicating effectively, confidently and  creatively too. The students were asked to align their Time Management by focusing on the need for accepting corrections, multi tasking, taking accountability and self motivation too. Without living a 'balanced life' and a 'life of abundance', one's life would only be meaningless and selfish too. 
What the students really liked was a happy balance between the motivating visuals and the true life examples of people who made a significant contribution to society. The students were really charged to start making a difference in their own class,  school and home too. Once could sense a real satisfaction among the students because a number of their daily life's issues and problems were being handled too in a very insightful and humorous way. 
At the end of the session, students Raksta Sheety of STD X-B and Mr. Jain Nirav Kishor of IX-C proposed the vote of thanks. A number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC appreciation log book:
"The session was very inspiring for all the students of our class. It would be very useful in our future and we will use all your suggestions and guidance. Thanks" - Vrushali Jadav X-A
"There is only one father who has changed my life. Thank you for coming to our school and giving such good suggestions" - Imran Khan X 
 "I want to thank Fr. Glenn for coming to our school. We had a wonderful session with him. I was really inspired by his teaching. I got to know about my life. i am thankful to him. All the best" -  Deepika Manche X
"It was a very enlightening session. It was a good experience. I know what life is all about.  Thank you so much. A good experience to remember all our lifetime. Thank you so much father Glenn" -  Neha Chowke X-C
 " Only to say that it was a wonderful experience to be with you today. Thank you father !" - Mayank Kalal X-C
"This session was very nice and we got inspired by Fr. Glenn" -  Prince B. Jain X-B
"Enlightening program. Come back and give us more such talks" -  Neha Jaiswar IX-D
 "Thank you the session was very meaningful" - Simran Kesharwani IX-C
"The two hours were the most inspiring hours. Thanks a lot" -  Sarah Hedge IX-A
 "The time which we spent in this session were the most motivating time of my life"- Harsha Jain IX-D
"A very interesting and inspiring session. thank you" -  Milind Gudla IX-D
 "The two hours were the most beautiful, most interesting and most momentous hours in my life" - Vaibhav A. Singh IX-D
"I like the two hours that I spent here, so beautiful and interesting too. I promise that I will do all that you have taught me" - Hrishikesh Shirkar IX-A
"Such an exciting time spend with you all. Never got an excellent experience ever like this. Hats off!" Aryan N. Kaj IX-D
"These two hours was most beautiful and precious for us all. Thank you" - Nehal Patel IX-B

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  1. it was enjoyable session ever i had seen....hats off to fr.Glenn...!!