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July 11, 2014
AVEC conducted its third Orientation program for 80 young school leaders of std VIII - XII from St. Mary's Convent - Udaipur. The theme for the day was "Making Value based Leadershifts". It was a very novel and creative Leadership program, the likes of which the students had never attended before. Thanks to the school Principal, Sr. Anusha Mathew for ensuring that 80 leaders could have a special moment for themselves and to clarify and imbibe important leadership qualities and skills.
Fr. Glenn helped the budding leaders to focus on important 'LEADERSHIFTS' that are essential today for effective leaders. He invited the students to move from being a 'Title without Leadership' to being a 'Leader without Titles'. The first exercise enabled the leaders to focus on the importance of Self Awareness and Self Management. Good leaders know who they are and how to live their life meaningfully. The simple paper exercise was an eye opener to all. It focused on having the right orientation to one's past and future and to make responsible choices. 
The students were then taught on the importance of moving away form living a life of blame and excuse and to start living their lives by the use of 'asking meaning questions'. The young leaders took time to identify their favorite 'excuses' and they wrote down an number of 'meaning questions' they would start asking themselves from today. "Questions are the answers itself" , he quoted from Anthony Robins. The young leaders were also challenged to be propelled by a 'Winner attitude', to work in Synergistic Teams, to Communicate effectively and to act creatively by 'always thinking higher'. See what all see, but think what no one else thinks!
 The importance of communication and problem solving was also touched upon. "When it comes to people, the most difficult to handle are not our enemies, but our very friends", he affirmed. When it comes to discipline, there are no friends. Every face must be the same. This is difficult but necessary to avoid being partial. He finally ended by challenging the students to make a difference. He finally ended with a song, Go light your World.
 The vote of thanks was proposed by Alefiya Magar from XII Humanities.
A number of younger students were invited to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
"From now on, I will shift to being a LWT rather than a TWL person" -  Minal Jain VIII B
 "I thank Fr.Glenn for such a great time and I ensure that I will make Udaipur proud" -  Sanskruti Joshi VIII B
 "I want to be a good leader and make a difference in the world"  Priyal Porwal VIII B
"I am very thankful and would like to say thank you" - Priti Meena VIII
"From now on, I will be a LWT person" - Sariya Khan VIII B
 "We got to know about the truth of being successful leaders. Thanks for making us realize the importance of our thoughts and attitudes" -  Arushi Metha VIII A
 "I enjoyed a lot and thanks to Fr. Glenn for such an excellent seminar which taught us to be great leaders" -  Isheri Sharma VIII B
 "Inspired a lot from this leadership seminar" -  A. Gupta VIII A
"We are really inspired from this seminar. Thank You for giving such valuable time for us"  - Ishita Kavitkar VIII A
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for such a joyful time. We learnt as well as enjoyed your seminar" - Khushi Mukhiya IX B
 "Thanks for telling us the secrets to becoming a successful leader" -  Kaveez Fatima
 "Very good seminar, we have inspired a lot from you. Thank you" Harshita
 "Living a meaningful life now" - Preksha Deol IX C

Congratulations to all the young leaders of St. Mary's Convent. May God bless your life always and may the 'leadershifts' you learnt today guide you all to be Leaders with a Difference.

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