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July 19, 2014
The teachers of Lourdes High School - Kalyan, participated in a day's Value Orientation program conducted by Fr. Glenford Lowe in the school AV Hall. 40 Teachers participated in the program. The program began by an introduction by Ms. Jacqueline Fernandes. Fr. Gerard presented a floral bouquet and welcomed Fr. Glenn to the school. The school Vice principal and senior supervisor also presented roses to the guest speaker.
The session began with an invitation to the teachers to 'press the pause button' and to get out of their daily routine. "School promotes routine, and very often, teachers become victims of routine", he said. "Management By Values (MBV) is an opportunity to look at yourself in the mirror and make a difference in your self first, your life style and your vocation as educators" , he challenged them. The teachers were taken through an intense moment of soul searching and to make the necessary 'perspective changes' in order to trigger new 'procedural changes'. 
 "Qualitative changes are more important than quantitative changes", he added. When one makes a 'qualitative change', it has a ripple effect and produces 'quantitative changes' too. The numerous examples of Kia Scherr, Immaculee Ilibagiza, Malala Yousafzai, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi brought the meaning more clearly. Fr. Glenn shared his now 'kidney donation' experience as a 'qualitative moment' in his personal life that now has triggered into a 'quantitative moment' too.
The teachers were challenges to make Value shifts and to move from 'prison' to 'palace', from 'career' to 'vocation'., from 'referee' to 'coach'. Shifting to a higher quality of being and acting makes one 'healthier, happier and holier'. A very profound insight worth reflecting upon! The participants were also invited to analyse their favorite WORDS in class, because of which they are 'named or teased' by their students. Your words make your world. The small participative exercise enabled the teachers to see the wisdom of 'survival', stability', 'success' and 'significance' lifestyles. All of us are called to move to being 'significant people'. Living only on the level of survival is no vocation at all!
 After break, the participants reflected on the meaning of Values and the need to Manage By Values. The days of Manage by Instruction (MBI) and Manage By Objectives (MBO) are obsolete and disowned today. The 21st century focuses on Management By Values (MBV). The teachers were guided to look at their own personal values and institutional values. Each teacher was made aware of his/her position with regard to the 'alignment' of the two sets of values. Significant lives have a high sense of personal satisfaction and job satisfaction. 
 At the end of the session, the teachers were asked to reflect on 'Team Lourdes' and discover ways in which the entire Management and Staff could synergize their efforts to raise the level of the institution to its former glory. "You can be the generation of teachers to rebuild the school on the foundations of Values and save generations of students, or you could be the generation of teachers who chose to live on the level of mere survival and loose the entire generations forever", he concluded.
At the end of the session, the song 'Go Light the World' was viewed. Ms. Jacqueline Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks while a token was appreciation was also presented.
 A few of the teachers came forward to write their comments in the AVEC Log book:
"A marvelous session where in I was able to ponder upon how I could bring a 'qualitative change' and how could I be 'significant'. Thank you and looking forward for more sessions" -  Mincy Blesson -  
 "You are a great motivator and educationist. Thank a lot! Only regret that our govt and society does not give power in the hands of such good people. Hope change takes place" - John D'Souza

"An eye opening session for all of us. Short and inspiring. Struck the right chords" - Mrs. Anne Sony
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for a wonderful session. Thank you so much for helping me to find a better me" - Mrs. Poonam Singh

"Today's session was enriching, enhancing and we transformed ourselves today positively. We are sure we will introspect and change" - Mrs. Seema Jacob 
"Fr. Glenn, you really do a great job of inspiring and motivating the people and touching their lives and heart as you have done mine. Really a person makes a large difference. Lovely session" -  Ms. Sarah Gaikwad

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