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July 11, 2014
For over 360 students of Stds IX-X from St. Mary's Convent, Udaipur, today was a unique day in their personal lives. For the first time ever, they took part in a meaningful moment of introspection. Thanks to AVEC for making it all the way from Mumbai to animate and challenge the students. Sr. Anusha Mathew, principal of the school. welcomed both Fr. Glenn and Mr. Fernandes to the school. The session began by introducing the students to participate in the inter faith prayer song ' Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu'.
Mr. Fernandes took the students through a prayerful and meditative journey in to their lives and invited them to get in their with their inner selves through the help of a rhythmic breathing exercise. The students took part in the entire meditation on a very serious note. These moments really helped them to quiet down and relax too. Mr. Fernandes then introduced Fr. Glenn and welcomed the students to reflect on the theme for the day: 'My Life - A Valued Journey'
Fr. Glenn, started off by challenging the students to make the necessary choice to live a life that is focused more about 'direction' than 'velocity'. "In life, being on the right track is more important than arriving first", he advised them. "Because of our wrong choices, made in a moment of indecision and immaturity, we often get lost and even trade our value compass for other sign posts and as a result we get lost on the journey of life", he said. "Today is an opportunity to regain, reconstruct or reset your value compass in life", he affirmed.
The students were presented with some true life stories and models of people who throughout the world are Making a Difference. The likes of Ms. Ka Scherr, Ryan Hreljac, Malala Yousafzai and Immacule Ilibigaza were presented as role models; in spite of tragedies and youthfulness, they chose to be directed by a value compass. You too can start now, no matter where you have drifted too, to live your life as a Valued Journey.   
 With the help of a powerful, and creative Powerpoint presentation, Fr. Glenn was able to challenge the students to focus on the importance of living a life of contribution and meaningful living. using the exercises on the NOW moment, the Spiral of Life and the Wheel of Life the students were able to look at their entire life in a nutshell and evaluate themselves on a scale of 1-10. It was interesting to see the young students honestly evaluate their own lives and make choices for a better living. The numerous examples and insightful questions thrown constantly at the students were real eye openers.
 The session ended with a moment of invitation to 'Go Light Your World'. At the end of the session, a number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC log book:
"Very inspiring. We would all Make A Difference. Fr. Glenn is very motivating and surely it was a great opportunity to have him here. we are blessed to attend this seminar. Thank you" -  Shivanshi Nagar
 "This session was very motivating and I am sure, where ever we go, we'll always make a difference. He is definitely an eloquent speaker. We will be very successful where ever we go" -  Vartika Gupta X-B
 "Thank you for your valuable time with us" -  Mahek Pokharvia
 "A very inspiring, motivating session. We will make a Difference" -  Kaashefa Taskeen Sheikh X-B
 "Making us realize who we are. Very motivating and inspiring" -  
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for giving us such motivating points and I will surely Make A Difference" - Harshita Tak X-C
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for giving us such good values. You are very inspiring and motivating to me. You changed my mind and life" -  Roefti X B
"You are very motivating and make us know who actually we are. he made us change in ourselves and am sure he succeeded in making us better persons. Thank you" -  Anjali Nair IX-C
 "He was very inspiring and motivating to us. We will surely go MAD in life. We will follow his advise and be a better person in life" -  Saumya IX-A
"His teaching will really encourage me in my career planning and one day we will be successful" - Nehal Jain IX-A
 "Father Glenn you made my dreams clearer to me. Thanks" -  Mishi Doshi IX-A
"You made it clear to me, who i am and showed me the way to make A Difference" - Gaurvi Jani IX "Fr. Glenn you are really very innovative and a motivating person. I am sure, after I have heard you, I'll make a difference in my life and in the lives of others too" - Jyestha Jain IX B 
 "I had a good time with you. I will remember you all my lifetime. Thank you and I will make a difference" -  Shloka Bordia IX-A
 "First of all, thanks for coming to ur school and enlightening us especially me. Many seminars were held but you inspired me seriously. Hope you will get all the spiritual success in life. I'll become the person you challenged us to be! Thanks again" -  Pragya Vashistha X C
"Thank you for saving my life before I could lose it" -  Bushra IX C
Congratulations to all the students for taking this entire session seriously and making a strong commitment to live your life as a Valued Journey.
may God bless you all and may your educative journey enable you to go beyond exams and make of your life a meaningful contribution to all.

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