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July 16, 2014
After a very long wait and many personal visits to the school, finally, AVEC was invited to organize a full day's Teachers' Orientation program for 48 teachers on the theme, "Management By Values". Sr. Mary, Principal of the school welcomed all the teachers and guest speakers too. Ms. Priyanka Pereira, from the primary section officially welcomed the two speakers. Floral bouquets were also presented to Fr. Glenn and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes.
After the initial prayer song, the participants went through a few moments of Spiritual refreshment and relaxation. The rhythmic breathing exercise, coupled with body awareness, set a calming atmosphere over all the participants. The words from the meditation, "Remember that the world can be different because of you", inspired and challenged all. The AVEC activities were also presented to the teachers. Fr. Glenn Lowe was then introduced by Mr. Fernandes. 
The theme 'Management By Values' (MBV) was divided into several small sections. The first part focused on the importance of having a new perspective. "perspective changes lead to procedural changes", he stressed. "You school or class can be better because of you, or it can be worse because of you", he added. He challenged the participants to make necessary shifts in the beliefs, assumptions and mindsets. Management By Values (MBV) makes our lives 'happier, healthier and holier'. The teachers were given ample examples of people who were ready to make the shift and embrace 'qualitative changes' rather than merely following 'quantitative changes'.
The power of WORD was another inspiring Value to be embraced. Change your word and change your world is more than just a mere slogan. It is a lifestyle. Teachers were asked to 'identify' their most common words, because of which they were often given names and disliked by their students. Teachers are 'Value Gurus' and not mere 'disciplinarians and referees' in the classroom and beyond.
Through a number of clear cut examples, deep insights coupled with a sense of humor and a well presented PowerPoint, the teachers were able to introspect on their presence and contribution to the school and the lives of the numerous students they touch! Misery likes company, and those who are on the level of 'survival' and 'stability' often bring down other people to their low levels of value consciousness. Management By Values was an occasion to make shifts towards living a life of significance and contribution. 
Through the Hall-Tonna Value Map and the personal alignment of core values with that of the institution, every participant was able to plot their own level or phase of value consciousness. The practical implications of making correct value shifts was made clear through a lot of examples from everyday school life. At the end of the session, Ms. Correine Miranda proposed the vote of thanks.
The following teachers made their comments in the AVEC log book:
"A very concrete step by step program to take me towards higher ideals with extreme clarity. It was very clear that a LOT of EFFORTS have gone in this venture" IMr. Vijay Pai
 "A thought provoking and soul searching session" -  Mrs. Maria D'Costa
"A program which makes one to start self assessing. Only, there could have been more interaction between us" - Reena Misra
"Hats off to you dear Fr. Glenn. It was a very awesome orientation which really made a difference. The Hall-Tonna Value Map was very novel and very introspective" - Mrs. Audrey D'Mello
"This session made me think as to what person I want to be. I have decided to take control of my words and make a difference in the lives of my students and my institution. thank you Fr. Glenn" - Mrs. Margaret Cardoz 
 "Dear Fr. Glenn your talk has definitely influenced me as a teacher. It has helped me to teach values more than the regular teaching. It has helped me answer questions asked by most youth of today. the presentation was well planned and interesting" -  Ms. Corrine Miranda

Thanks to Sr. Mary, principal and the management and staff of St. Blaise High school for this very unique opportunity to animate your teachers through the Management By values (MBV) program.
Be blessed and thanks once again.

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