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September 6, 2013
AVEC conducted two programs today for the students of St. Agnes Girls High School - Byculla. The resource personnel, Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes were warmly welcomed by theschool principal, Sr. Louisa. Two hundred and seventy students of Standard X were taken through a two hour program entitled 'Embrace Values: Enrich Lives'. Mrs. Esmeralda Coutinho introduced the guest speakers to the students. Two hundred and forty five students of Standard IX were given a two hour program on 'Living By A Value Compass'. 
 Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes started the session with a prayer song 'Sarweshaam Swastir Bhavatu'. This was followed by a fantasy meditation that also included rhythmic breathing. The students took teh moment to relax and inhale all that was positive and good and to exhale all that was toxic and negative. The meditation was also like a flashback that brought their attention to important significant moments in their life's journey.
Fr. Glenford Lowe spoke to the students of Std X on the importance of 'Embrace Values - Enrich Lives'. He focused their attention on four important aspects of their personal life: The need to listen attentively to what is happening in their 'Now' moment, the importance of connecting and revisiting the dots of their past life through the 'Spiral of Life' exercise, the need to reorganize and reset one's future through the 'Wheel of Life' exercise and finally, focusing on the need to let go of the problems that hold them back in life. Using powerful role models such as Milkha Singh and Malala Yousafzai and thorough a colorful PowerPoint presentation. the students were able to imbibe the Values necessary for living a significant Value based life.
The students of Standard Nine were enabled to understand the importance of "Living Life by a Value Compass'.Focusing once again on models of the likes of Kia Scherr, Ryan Hreljac, Mamala Yousafzai, and Derrick Redford, he was able to instill in the students 'Twelve Diamond Values' necessary for living a significant and meaningful life. A life that is value based, is a life that is lived qualitatively well. With the use of a lot of inspiring video clips, motivating songs and deep insights and personal testimonies, the students felt that it was time worth spent.
 At the end of the session, the vote of thanks was proposed by Head Girl Abigail Pereira and Analise for STDs X & IX respectively.
A number of students came forward to write their comments int he AVEC book of appreciation:
"An inspiring one. Guiding us in the right way and on the right path" - Samrudhi Pingle X-A
"Thanks a lot for giving us a good information of the importance of 'Qualitative living'  Melissa Fernandes  X-A
 "It was a very inspirational session, very good examples from our day to day life and to go on in life" -  Muskan Kazi IX-B
"After experiencing Fr. Glenford, we can say that he is open hearted, courageous and an honest person. It was inspiring to hear his personal testimony" -  Munvi Viswash IX-B
"motivating and inspiring talk by Father Glenn. Thank you for such a nice talk" -  Sampada Patil
"Thank you for your time and this inspiring talk, and for telling us ablut the importance of life and values and to be the best"  Divya Dhungana X
 "Motivated us and made us realize ourselves. Thank you very much. Got to know a lot about our selves" - Sana Dadani & Shabnam X-D
"Thank youso much for the inspiring seminar and helping us to realize our past" - Schonelle D'Souza
"A very big thank you for all the motivation, determination and priceless values and much more" - Alefiya Gandhi X-B
 "Your session on Value education was really inspiring. It helped us to discover our lives and face the challenges of life" _ Alisha Gorkha X
"On behalf of the Junior College, we thank you for guiding us for living our values fruitfully and explaining to us the need for a 'Qualitative Change' rather than just a mere 'Quantitative change'. We spent some time remembering our past, the mistakes we did. By changing our mistakes, altering our failure into success. Thank you" - Asma Tetpurwala and Glansiabanu Muchhada Jr. College
 "I was shivering till the end of it... loved it all through. Hope to see you soon"  Rushali Sharma IX-A
"I was amased and inspired by the values and this talk was as worth a gold" -  Analise Dias
 "Thank you very much for this beautiful session. It was mesmerizing and amazing. I was indeed touched by your beautiful words and I promise that I will practice all of it everyday however much I can" -  Adisha Vaishya IX-C
"Thank you very much for guiding us so well and inspiring us. It was heart touching and I hope to bring about a change in m life and others too" - Ramsha Shaikh IX-C
 "Thank you Father Glenn for giving us your precious time. It was really mesmerizing. We learnt a lot and hope to inculcate all this in our daily life" - Tooba Naqash IX-D
 "Thank you Fr. Glenford for your inspiring words and your precious time and you have really changed our concept of thinking of the students. We were really inspired by the lives of the role models presented to us and the 12 Values were really good and helpful for our future too" - Mariya Z Karachiwala IX-D 
Congratulations to all the students and we pray God's blessings on your all as you continue to make a difference with your lives. 

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