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September 10, 2013
Thanks to a very early booking by Sr. Alice, Manager of the School, that the AVEC Team were able to travel all the way to Our Lady of Pillar Convent School - Jodhpur to conduct a full day's Value Education Orientation program for fifty nine teachers. Sr. Alka, Principal of the school, warmly welcomed the guests speakers with floral bouquets and introduced them too. The theme for the Value Orientation program was "Management By Values" (MBV)
Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, Coordinator of AVEC, thanked the management for the warm welcome. The session began with a prayer song that was very inclusive and set the spiritual tone to the orientation program. A moment for meditation followed in which, the teachers were also invited to focus on their role as educators and to inhale all that was positive and good and to exhale all that was toxic and negative. After the meditation, he took the time to introduced Fr. Glenn and to bring to their notice, his noble act of donating a kidney to another Salesian priest.
Fr. Glenford Lowe, Director AVEC, though physically unwell, took the strength to conduct the session for next four hours. using the theme on 'Management By Values', he focused on a number of key elements: The need to make more 'Qualitative Changes' rather than 'Quantitative Changes' in one's own life and that would have a ripple effect and spill over into the lives of the students as well. He also enabled the teachers to look at their 'Call to be Educators' rather than merely fulfilling a career in life. "When one responds to a Vocation, then a persons life is motivated by Passion, Purpose and Peace. On the other hand, when when only follows a career, then one is motivated by Power. Profit and Pleasure," he said. "As educators we are called to be Value Gurus, our life becomes a lot more healthier, happier and holier too," he added.
He then took the Teachers through a battery of exercises to look at their own state in life. Drawing their attention to the 'attitude of the youth to life' in the home and classroom, the teachers were able to better connect, understand and accompany their own students too to take up the challenge to make these 'Qualitative changes' in their lives. Only by a 'Management By Values', will one be able to make the necessary qualitative changes in one's life. 
With the help of a lot of personal and institutional examples, a powerful and creative PowerPoint presentation, coupled with deep insights and humor, the teachers were able to gauge their own Value map and the alignment of their personal values and institutional values. The power of the Word was also an insight that challenged one and all. With the help of the 'Hall-Tonna Value map', the teachers were able to locate themselves on the value Map and took the time to evaluate their life and to make the necessary Value Shifts that are necessary to reach the final stage of 'Significance'. 
At the end of the session, the Vote of Thanks was proposed by Bhowre Batra. Gifts of appreciation were also presented to both the speakers. The teachers took the time to come forward and write their comments in the AVEC book of appreciation.
"Thanks for knowledgeable thoughts about Values of Life." - Varsha Batra "Thanks for giving the words “CHANGE IN CHANGE.” We will surely follow this." – Jyoti 
 "Thank you Fr. Glenn for inspiring us and giving knowledge to us about Values of Education." – Suniti Samson
 "Thanks for giving the secret of success and Values of education. – Sharmila Praveen
"Thank you for what valuable thought you have input in us. But how we will ask more and get more knowledge from you? As still we need to seek something more." – Sagorika

 "Thank you Fr. Glenn. The seminar was not only useful for the teaching and learning but also is meaningful for a normal human being. We liked the way the values were made aware of and also the way to achieve them. Hope together we will bring a “Change in Change.” – Dilip Singh Parihar & Rajendra Singh Bhati

"Respected Fr. Glenn, A big Thank You for your valuable teachings and directions. Today’s session was very fruitful and knowledgeable. Hoping to change and bring change in our lives and our children." – Bhowre Batra
"Thank you Fr. Glenn, you have enlightened us and helped us in the trouble we have faced and will face in our near future." –Poorva

 "Thank you father Glenn for inspiring us and teaching us the values for life" -  Priyanka Rai
"Great experience. Hopefully it will bring a positive change in our life" -  Prabhjot
 "It was a great experience, We got motivated by the whole session and now definitely want to make a 'change in change' -  Priyanka

God bless you all dear Teachers and Management of  Our Lady of Pillar Convent School , Jodhpur and thanks a million for your kind hospitality and active participation in the entire program too. 

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