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September 16, 2013
Thanks to Sr. Jessy, Principal of Mary Immaculate Girls' High School - Kalina, that eighty young school leaders were able to participate in a full day's 'Leadership - Leadershift' session. The theme for the program was 'Leading By Values'. The Leadership program was animated by Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes from AVEC - Matunga. Sr. Jessy introduced the guest speakers. The session began with a prayerful hymn that implored God's blessings of abundance on one and all.
Fr. Glenn invited the students to look at their role in schools as 'Leaders with a Difference'. Citing the early school days of Hon. President Pranab Mukerjee in Kirnahar Shib Chandra High School in West Bengal's Birbhum district, he explained how the young Pranab developed leadership qualities and skills of communication that paved the way for future leadership roles too. "Today is an opportunity for you all to make a 'Leadershift' - stop being mere disciplinarians in school, and start leading by example!" he exhorted them.
The young leaders from STD V-X, were taken through a whole journey of understanding the principles of good leadership and the necessary 'leadershift' that each one was expected to make. The entire program was highly activity based with a moment of process-reflection for each activity. The first focus on 'Self Awareness'. Good leaders are aware of their inner landscape that is reflected in their outer world too. The young leaders were invited to spend reflective moments on their 'past-present-future'. The students were then broken up into various smaller groups where they shared their life story.
The young leaders were also enabled to focus on the following other value based qualities necessary for good and effective leadership. The clarity of Vision and setting one's gaze on things that are fruitful and meaningful, rather on things that are temporary and useless was also discussed at length. Good leaders are Vision drawn! Without vision, people perish. The next quality stressed was on 'Developing a SMART planning mentality.  This too was done through an interesting game that proved that 'planning' is often hindered when one has mind-blocks. Clear your mind blocks, and plans will open up before you. 
The next activity focused on formation of TEAMS. Effective TEAMS are 'Synergistic' rather than merely 'Collaborative' or 'Compromising'. The young leaders understood the mathematics of good team work. Creativity and Responsibility were also two twin qualities that a good and effective leader needed to possess. Delegation of Authority was also discussed through a simple 'glass exercise'. Other important topics that were discussed were the ability to 'handle conflicts' and 'effective problem solving'. The 'bicycle sale' exercise brought out the points very clearly. Time Management - 'live your life with a clock in mind' - and the art of thin slicing was also explained. 
In the final part of the session, the young leaders were given an opportunity to look at another important aspect of leadership - 'Sharpen the Saw' or renew oneself in body-mind-heart-soul. The lat point discussed was on 'Leaving behind a Legacy'. "What is it that you would like to be remembered for?" was an important question that needed a lot of personal soul searching too.
 At the end of the session, the students ere able to identify the necessary shifts that each one had to make in order to improved and be more effective as leaders. The school head girl, Ms. Asiya Raut proposed the Vote of Thanks on behalf of all the leaders and school management.
A number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC appreciation log book:
"Fr. Glenn You are very inspiring! I loved the session that you held" – Simran Kaur Potwal (IX)
"The session was incredible! I would like you to come and conduct more sessions with us. Thank you for spending your time with us and teaching us about leadership" – Merlyn Joseph (VIII)
"I changed my thinking about leadership. Thanks Fr. Glenn!"– (VI)
"Fr. Glenn, the session was fabulous. We learned a lot from this session. Thank you for inspiring us." – Priyal Shethia (VIII)
"The session was fabulous. Never had a session on leadership, it has changed us. Thank you Fr. Glenn for giving us your precious time!" – Evonna D’souza (IX)
"Fr. Glenn thank you for coming and giving us this session. This session has inspired me a lot!" – Ms. Thevar (VI C)
"Fr. Glenn your session and the exercise you gave us was awesome and you have truly inspired us!" – Faiza Sayed (V C)
"The session was fantastic! I really changed myself from a good leader to the best leader! Thank you Fr. Glenn for the wonderful session you gave to Mary Immaculate Girls High School. Thank You!!! – Teresa Joy (VIII)

"Till today I only heard about shifting houses. Today I heard and experienced Leadershift. I’ll make sure I will spread your teachings. Thank you Fr. Glenn! J - Adeen Wagle (V C)

Congratulations to all the young leaders and I pray God's blessings on your all. Thank you for your cooperation all through the program. -  Fr. Glenn Lowe


  1. thank you fr glenn fr the wonderful wll remain with us forever..!! this session has made a change in my life heplin me thinking and growin to my future nd climbing d ladder to sucess tysm..:D :) :D

    1. God bless you and may your leadership qualities increase to higher levels too. Thanks and study SMART too

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