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September 10, 2013
The AVEC Team today animated three hundred and fifty one students of Our Lady of Pillar Convent School - Jodhpur. They were warmly welcomed by Sr. Alka, Principal of the School and Junior College.The words of welcome were given by Yashrika Bhardwaj and Ms. Chakshu Purohit for the Junior College and Std IX respectively. The theme for the day was 'Living By a Value Compass'.The whole day was divided into two sessions. In the first session, two hundred and forty students from STDs X, XI & XII took part. The second session was for the students of STD IX in which one hundred and eleven students took part.
The session began with a brief introduction and a prayer song that invited all the students of all faiths to participate in praying for God's abundant blessings for Peace, Prosperity, Health, wisdom and Auspiciousness. The Prayer song was followed by a few moments of fantasy meditation that helped them to calm down and relax. The exercise that involved rhythmic breathing also enabled the students to connect with all that was good and positive and disconnect with all that was toxic and negative.
The students were then taken through a 12 Diamond Value project, by Fr. Glenford Lowe,  that challenged them to get M.A.D (Make A Difference). With the help of a lot of good role models of the likes of Ms. Kia Scherr, Ryan Hreljac, Malala Yousafzai, Derrick Redmond, Nick Santanosano and many others who 'Make A Difference' through their contributions, the students were invited to look at their own life and to make a worthy contribution to society too. A very youthful and colorful PowerPoint presentation also drew their attention all through.
The 12 Diamond Values were presented in a very simple yet insightful way through the use of powerful and inspiring video clips, personal testimonies and moments for personal reflection too. The students were challenged to start 'Making a Difference' through small qualitative changes rather than through big quantitative changes. "Big doors open on small hinges, and Values are these small hinges that can open any door or obstacle," he said.
Important aspects like the need to have a Positive and Winner Attitude in life, the Power of Synergistic Teams, the Effectiveness of Communication, the Power of Creativity and Confidence, the Value of The Effectiveness of Multitasking and Prioritizing one's Time, the need for Honesty and Accountability, the Ability to associate with the Bigger Picture, the desire for Humility and to accept Corrections, the Strength to live a Balanced Life in Body-Mind-Heart-Soul and the capability to believe in the Abundance of Life were very important insights that the students were given. A final song, 'Be the Best' was an invitation to live life super abundantly! 
At the end of the session, Vaibhav Parihar and Chakshu Purohit proposed the Vote of thanks for their respective sessions.
A number of students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC appreciation logbook:
"Respected Fr. Glenn, It was great pleasure learning from you. Your motivational words have really changed my way of thinking. I feel a complete change in myself. The optimism that you have shown in us is really wonderful." –Yashrika Bhardwaj

"Thank you Honorable Fr. Glenn for such a wonderful motivational session. It has brought a positive change in my life. Thank you." – Harshal and Vibhav,  Vignesh
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for such an amazing session., the time spent with you was really nice as well as motivational." – Rashmi

"Thank you Fr. Glenn for conducting a motivational lecture, and inspiring us with your motivational and inspiring words. Thank you very much and do pray for our institution." – Wilson, Vrindar, Naveen (X)

"Thank you Fr. Glenn for your inspiring words about value. These words will help us in our future to achieve our goal. Thank you!" – Sagar (XI)
"Thanks! It was really a great time. I will try to be M.A.D." – Bhavya (IX)

"Thank you! Fr. Glenn. It was really motivational and inspiring." – Rupali (IX)
"Thank you Fr. Glenn for giving us such a deep knowledge. I hope that it will surely make a difference in my life."

"We have got many positive vibes in us we surely try to make difference. Thank you!"

"Fr. Glenn, today I came to know the “REAL” meaning of M.A.D. I respect you from the bottom of my heart!" 
"Thank you! This clears my mind from negative to positive. This makes me “M.A.D.”(Make A Difference)" – Dikshant (IX)

"Thank you Fr. Glenn. I learnt so many things. Most favorite was M.A.D. I Dev Parihar vow to do this in my life, something different as all great people have done this. Thank you once again!" – Dev Parihar

Thank you Fr. Glenn. It was my first educational day! I really want to become a helpful person. – Kritik (IX A)
"Thank you Fr. Glenn, We have learnt many good things from you. The first was M.A.D. (Make A Difference.) In this two and a half hour class you have inspired us to do well. I was glad to sit in your class" – Chandra Veer Singh Rathore (IX C)

"Thank you Fr. Glenn for sharing your knowledge with us. We felt very nice and gained so much knowledge in your class. I thank you very much and I will try to M.A.D." –Kunal Sharma (IX C)

Congratulations to all the students for your very active participation and I pray God's abundant blessings on your all as you continue your educative journey, and above all as you continue to Make a Difference in your own life first and in the society around you. - Fr. Glenford lowe

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