Wednesday, 28 February 2018

St. Mary's High School(S.S.C), Mazgaon

St. Mary's High School(S.S.C), Mazgaon
Session for Leaders

The Avec team organized a session for the Leaders of St. Mary's High School(S.S.C), Mazgaon.
The theme for the session was Leadership towards a better future.

Over the length of two powerful sessions Fr. Leon Rodrigues sdb and his team engaged the leaders of St. Mary's Mazgaon into helping them understand the nuances of leadership.

On the first day (28th Feb 2018) the session was on discovering oneself. A good leader is one who knows himself - his good and his not so good qualities. The students through games and modules were into understanding themselves better.

The second day (15th March 2018) saw the facilitator, Rev. Fr. Leon, speak about Steven Covey's 7 habits for highly effective people. He helped the students understand that leaders use these 7 principles in their daily dealings and that these principles are a pathway to success.

The two days of learning ended with a short vote of thanks.

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