Saturday, 17 March 2018

St. Thomas Academy, Goregaon

St. Thomas academy
Session for Teachers

Fr. Leon Rodrigues sdb, the director of AVEC, conducted a session for the teachers of  St. Thomas academy. 

When we work we need to do so in unison, understanding the ideals of the organisation where we toil; we need to respect it's culture and ethos. This session was about 'building a sense of belonging' among the teachers that work in the esteemed institute at St. Thomas Academy, Goregaon.

As the session began, Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, firstly briefed the teachers on the purpose of the animation program and then invited the teachers to relax through an awareness-breathing exercise. Later Fr.Leon facilitated the teachers through an interactive session wherein through games and modules the teachers understood the importance of team work and group building. The teachers attended the session with a lot of seriousness and participated very attentively all through.

The session ended with a vote of thanks.


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