Saturday, 10 February 2018

Sacred Heart Boys School, Santacruz

Sacred Heart Boys School, Santacruz
Retreat for Christian Students

40 Christian boys from Sacred Heart Boys School, Santacruz attended a Retreat conducted by Fr. Leon Rodrigues sdb on 'Finding one's inner calling - Theology of the Body'.

The Retreat began by invoking God's blessings. Fr. Leon conducted a meditation wherein he helped the students understand the meaning and value of life and the gifts God grants us. The session then focused on the talents we possess as individuals and how we take these blessings for granted. He stated that we need to understand that we must first love ourselves in order to love others better.
Fr. Leon then helped the students understand the meaning of getting into a relationship (firstly with God and then with others) through videos, games and modules.

The session was very interactive, one could sense this through the quality of questions that the students were asking.

The session ended with a vote of Thanks.

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