Thursday, 11 June 2015


11th June, 2015

47 educators of St. Agnes High School and Junior College, Clare road, Byculla participated in a session entitled "Being an Effective Educator" organised by AVEC on 11th June, 2015.  Sr. Louisa rjm, the Principal, welcomed the resource persons from AVEC, Fr. Cleo Braganza and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes, and gave a few words of introduction.
The participants shared memories of teachers who made a difference in their life and because of whom they have chosen to be teachers today. Fr. Cleo presented various qualities of an effective educator, and helped the teachers reflect on how they communicate and interact with the students and with one another as a team.
The teachers were made aware that as educators, they need to encourage the holistic development of their students instead of focussing on academic progress alone. They realised that they need to move beyond being subject teachers to becoming mentors and guides of their students.
The teachers were enthused by the inputs, the sharing and the discussion. Ms. Nerissa Sawant presented the vote of thanks on behalf of all the participants. A number of them jotted down their feedback in the AVEC logbook.

"A very enlightening and interesting session.Thank you."  - Ms. Reeda Pinto

"An excellent and enjoyable session to be good educators. Hope to have more. Thank you." -Ms.Anisa Lakhpatwala

"A very inspiring talk. Taught us to be mentors to our students. Thank you."  -Mrs JasmineVesvikar

"Trust me, you have made a difference in my life and my vocation.Truly an interesting and excellent  talk."  - Ms.Michelle
"An excellent session, very educative enjoyed every bit of it, it helped me to scale my performance as a teacher and where I need to grow. I am ever so grateful to you father.
Thank you and God bless you and your endeavours." - Mrs  Esmeralda Coutinho

"A day well spent and things to take home not just words but a meaning to the words. Blessed to be a teacher and see how I can make the difference in the lives of every child comes my way.
Success In you future endeavours. Thank you." - Olivia Gomes

"An excellent seminar, well prepared, informative, innovative, practical  and enriching."  - Angela

"A well organized seminar. You have given a lot of input for daily teaching and reaching out. Thank you." - Josephine

"An  excellent and enlightening seminar. Thank you. God bless you." - Rita. J

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