Monday, 22 June 2015

Holy Cross High School - Lower Parel : Leadership Session

Holy Cross High School, Lower Parel
Leadership Session

Over 107 leaders from Holy Cross High School, Lower Parel took part today in a three hour session on Leadership.Mrs.Shalini Pereira on behaf of everyone present welcomed the guest speakers.The students, though a very big number, were excellent in behaviour, very attentive and participative all through.By the end of the session the students were highly motivated and eager to make a difference, first in their own lives, and then with those around them and Miss. Vemula Anusha Gave the vote of thanks. Late, the students lined up to write their impressions on the AVEC log book. Here are some of their impressions:

We are heartily thank you for the advice you have given us. This will help us in our life.

We loved the guidance given by you. We loved that you came here and inspired us.

An awesome feeling and got a way for us to lead the class, school, etc In a better way. Thank You. This orientation was a life changing point. - Jagdish Mali

It was a Very enlightening session for us. I liked it very much. It was interesting to know much about ourselves. Anusha Vemula

Thank you for your advice. This will help us in our life. Shreya Suryavanshi

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