Friday, 12 June 2015


St. Agnes High School (Byculla)
Session for Leaders

12th June, 2015

The students and staff members of St. Agnes High School participated in an inaugural Eucharist on Friday, 12th June, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to invoke the blessings of God upon them as they embarked upon a new academic year. The Mass was also offered in thanksgiving for the good results secured at the 10th and 12th board examinations.

At the Mass, Fr. Cleophas Braganza exhorted the students to look towards the love of God as a model for loving and building up relationships. He told them that God is glad when they make good use of their energies, their mind, their body, their time and other God-given talents. With good resolve on their part and the inspiration of God on the other, they would be able to achieve much during the forthcoming academic year.

After the Mass, 23 student leaders participated in a session to prepare them for the responsibilities that they would take up. They began with an interfaith prayer song, desiring auspiciousness, good health, well-being and success for all humanity.
At the outset, they wrote down and shared what they wanted to achieve in their lives.

During the session, they were brought to an awareness that our lives have four important dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. If any of these dimensions is neglected, our life could end up in unhappiness, frustration or tragedy.  They then reconsidered their choices, taking into account all the dimensions of life, and made practical decisions to bring about change in themselves, especially in the areas where they needed to grow more.

The student leaders participated enthusiastically in the session, at the end of which they expressed their thanks. Some of them wrote a few lines in the AVEC logbook to give their feedback.  
Sanchi wrote, "It was a good time spent, interesting."

Nema Sarang, Prachi Pujari and Ishwari Wani together penned, "It was a really inspiring session.  It made us realize that apart from only focusing on one aspect of life we have to focus on all the dimensions of life so that we become good beings in our lives ahead and also enlighten others to follow what’s right for one’s soul. Thank you." 

Gizelle P,  Gracia Rajan and Chelsea wrote, "This session helped me not only to be a better person in my school life but a better person wherever I go,  it  helped me to realize about how I was living my life and helped me to improve in my future."

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