Tuesday, 11 November 2014


STD X & IX Students Value Orientation
 The students of STD X and IX from St. Ignatius High School - jacob Cirle had the opportunity, especially during this centenary of their school's existence, to have a day's Value Orientation organized by AVEC. Mrs. Marita Borikar, Principal of the school welcomed the guest speakers while Teacher Susanna Mali presented floral bouquets to them. The studnets were in for a challenging session ahead.
The two sessions began with a prayerful moment and was enhanced by a prayer song followed by few moments of personal silence and meditation. The students were able to focus on thier inner landscape and reflect on their daily educative journey. 140 students of STD X focused on the theme:My Life - A Valued Journey, that was divided into four lively sessions of personl reflection: Listening attentively to the NOW, Revisitng their Past, reorganizing their Future and finally writing their Problems in Life.
 180 students of STD IX focused on 'My Life - A Valued Journey' with a special emphasis on choosing the higher values in life. Both the session were highly interactive and included a lot of inspiring testimonies of personalities who chose the higher value. The inspiring video clips and deep insights too challenged the students to live their life on a value based compass. 'Light house' students are those who who are able to live for their believe is good and noble. The short film '2+2=5' was really inspiring.
 At the end of the two sessions, spanning a period of nearly 150 minutes, the students were able to take up the challenge to reorganize their future and live their lives based on a value compass. All through the session, the students were really engrossed in the various inputs and reflections and once could sense a need for change. Many students came forward to write their comments in the AVEC appreciation book:
 "Father Glenn taught us what is truly important for our lives. Thanks"  Ankita Ghevade X
"Fr. Glenn's session really touched my heart and surely I will make a difference in my life" - Sharmeen Shaikh X
"Fr showed us to way to success and to live our life with a beautiful change" -  Sally Cardoz X
 "My life changed after this session like a clay moulded by an artist, the artist is you. Thank you Fr. Glenn" -  Sadiya Siddiqui X - A
"The seminar was real good and should be conducted in every school for students like us" -  Jasmine Shaikh X - B
"Thank you Fr for this session. i really liked it. from here I will now start changing my life" - Archana Jadhav X - B
 "Fr. your seminar was really very nice, I liked it. In future, I hope, I can be in contact with you and attend your seminars" -  Bharika Patel X B
"I really understod the value of values today because of your seminar held in our school. Thanks a lot" -  Tejal Kamtekar X B
 "It was a heart touching seminar, but it was you the prodigious guy who made it worth listening and attracted to it. Yes, I have changed drastically" -  Sana Kalaniya X A
"Happy, got the lesson for life so early... thanks Fr. Glenn" - Balsania Mohd Abid X - A

 "It was a heart touching event, excellent presentation that had a great impact on me. Special thanks to Fr. Glenford and Mr. Fernandes" -  Saleh Kamil X B
 "A special thanks to Fr. Glenford and Mr. Fernandes. I got a chance to learn from some great personality that will help in my life" - Ansari Asim X A
 "It was mind blowing and excellent seminar. It was a story of regret upon our life. We should change our journey on a right path. Thanks to Fr. Glenford and Mr. Fernandes and take care of your health" - Shah Osama X A
 On behalf of the students of STD X, Mr. Ajay Gupta proposed a very meaningful and sincere word of thanks.
 "Fr. Glenn taoghts us about the importance of life and challenged us to live it meaningfully" - IX
 "I will try to change my life course and also a lot of thanks to Fr. Glenn" - IX

Congratulations to all the students and we wish you all the best in your educative journey. Be blessed and may everyday bring a new sunshine of God's love, care and providence in your life. Study smart and make a diference by chosing the higher values in life.


  1. It was my first best experience, that i ever had. Thank u Fr. Glenford Lowe to teach us "What is a real meaning of life? plz come again.

    Tank u once again

    1. Thanks Sanju. I do hope you take the time each day to make choices for the higher values of life.
      Be blessed always

  2. The teaching's that we got from Fr. Glenford Lowe about importance of life and challenged us to live it will help us to accept difficulties in our life

    Thank u fr. Glen

    1. Thank you dear Pravin for your words of appreciation. I do hope it will inspire you to live the quality of life for the good of society too.
      May God bless your every intention